Becoming a Member
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We are always looking for great people interested in joining the Elks.

Miami Elks Lodge 948

Who Can Join?

To be eligible for membership in the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, you must be a citizen of the United States over the age of 21 who believes in God.

Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits to becoming an Elk, but the biggest and most important benefit is the Joy of Giving.....join us and experience it!

How Can You Join?

You must be sponsored by a member of the Elks Lodge and reside in the jurisdiction of the Lodge you wish to join. You also need two other Elks who will be your co-sponsors. The Elk who proposes you for membership must obtain a Membership Application from the Lodge Secretary.

After your proposer fills in the required portion, you will be given the Application for Membership. Fill it in, following the instructions and answering all questions. Return the completed application to the Lodge Secretary with the prescribed fees.

Your application will be read at a regular Lodge meeting. It will then be forwarded to the Investigating Committee, who will contact you with a time for you and your sponsor to meet with the committee so that they can interview you.

After the interview is concluded, the committee will report to the Lodge concerning your membership and a vote will be taken.

When the vote is concluded, you will be notified and asked to present yourself and your spouse for indoctrination. During indoctrination, you will learn more about the Order's programs and charities. You will also be told the date when you will be initiated.

After initiation as an Elk, you can take part in all meetings and social functions of the Lodge.

Use the online directory to locate a Lodge near you.

Believe in the goodness in thyself as well as others.
Protect childhood with tenderness, old age with respect, cherish with reverence the memory of those who have passed.
Observe faithfully the golden rule.
Enjoy the good things of Earth.  Keep within thee the glorious sunshine of youth and remain always of good cheer.

Miami Elks Lodge 948 * 10301 SW 72nd Street * Miami * FL * 33173