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November 2002


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Vol. XIV, No. VIII
Sheila Dowd, E.R.

Miami Elks Lodge 948

(As seen through the eyes of your Lodge Esquire)
[The following exemplifies a situation that could have taken place at any Elks Lodge throughout our entire country]

My wife and I were driving down Sunset Drive and she said, Why dont we go to the Elks Club for dinner?  We have not been there for almost a year. Sounds good to me, I said.  So we pulled into the entrance.  The gate was locked and the club was dark.  Sandy said, Are they on vacation?  Not tonight in the middle of winter season, I replied. Do you think the club is closed for good? she asked.  How do I know, we have not paid much attention to what is going on at the club.  They must have had to close for good, I said.

This may sound a little far fetched to you, but this has happened to Elks Clubs all over the United States.  Clubs have gone dark.  They have ceased operation.  When I was younger and lived in Hollywood, Florida, I always thought I would like to join that club when I became eligible.  I moved to Miami and married Sandy and joined our Lodge No. 948.  The first thing I wanted to do as a member was visit the Hollywood Lodge after observing it all those years.  It was gone.  I called the other Elks Lodge in Davie, Florida, to see if anyone knew what happened.  I was lucky to talk to the secretary of the lodge.  He informed me that Lodge got old.  I asked what does that mean?  He said the members failed to recruit  younger members into the lodge.  The financial support eroded.  The lodge was dark.  The charter was revoked.

This scenario might seem a little rash, but it is reality.  Our club is not going to close in the near future, but the trend has to be reversed.  Our lodge has to grow younger and receive more support from the membership.  People join the Elks for various reasons.  We have social members who like to go to the various functions and we have members who join because they like the facilities.  Then we have the ten percent of the members who are the active Elks and Elkettes.  They help run the lodge either as officers or volunteers.  As an Elk or Elkette, we pay yearly dues.  The dues help run the lodge and maintain our lodge and grounds.  The dues do not solve all the problems.  Our Lodge 948 has a full time lounge and kitchen and we are one of few lodges that have these perks.  You need to support our full time club facilities.  We are not breaking even in this area.  The banquet business helps to bring the club a little closer to profitability, but we need the members participation to bring up our profit margin, or someday we will be eating at Dennys.

The Elks raise money for various charities and we do have fun while doing it.  If being a volunteer is not your cup of tea, you can be a good social member by supporting the dining room and the club.  The events staged in the lounge on Friday night cost the club money.  They depend on  members spending money while enjoying the entertainment, to cover the expense of the event.  Your membership alone does not pay for these events.  With more support, we can put on quality entertainment.  The facts I have presented in this article are not meant to upset anyone.  I have stated only what is factual, but I hope you brothers and sisters take it to heart.  We are known as the country club of Elk lodges in this area. Lets not let our reputation slip.

Pat Howard, Esquire

The Wonder Book
(Our Charity Ball Journal)
By:  Marie Grime
The Charity Ball Journal is the closest thing our lodge has to a yearbook.  In the journal, we include lists and photos of officers and trustees, lists of committees and their chairs, PERS, Elks of the Year, and a special memorial page for those departed members we are saddened to have lost over the past year.
This is the fifth year that Dave and I have been involved in typing and pasting up this book for print.  The Charity Ball booklet hit the printers today, October 22nd, and if all goes well, it will greet you at our table on the evening of November 9th.  I call it the Wonder Book because, by this time of year, we look back and wonder how it ever got done!
Seriously, its real wonder is how it represents hundreds of hours and effort by a lot of people.  Our sales people start early to gather the ads and business cards, forms and photos, and oh yes checks and cash.
Before you know it, our Lodge 948 will be closing in on a century.  Its members have held fund-raising   charity balls for half that time.  The event was once called the Charities Ball, for the numerous charities the Elks support to serve veterans, children, and the unfortunate.
The Journal has been a fixture and a fund raiser at most of those balls, too.  In the early years it was half its current 8-1/2 x 11 size.  This year, it boasts 87 pages and we have been forced to add a table of contents and an index for less frustrating navigation of its pages.
Letters in this book, greetings and congratulations from state and district officials greet us.  Lodge 948 is widely known and appreciated for its successes.
The book contains our histories of the Order itself, of the State Association, and that of Miami 948.  Well enjoy a much better history of Lodge 948 this year, thanks to Edna J. Camachos superb writing and her two knowledgeable research partners, Rosa Palma and Ella Mae Shroyer.
The Lions share of the book is the ads section.  A few hundred people contributed this year to submit almost 150 ads.  In all, we grossed more than $6,000.00; further reason to call it the Wonder Book.
And who were those angels that wrought such beautiful numbers?  They were Elks and Elkettes, their friends and family members, their bosses and their co-workers.  Many advertisers are the people we do business with all year.
The figures are all tentative and unofficial, of course, but these ballpark numbers can give you an idea of the wonderful people who support us and, in doing so, support the worthwhile charities we sponsor .
Heres a sampling:
Besides our beloved Patrons, 55 other individuals and families also sent personal greetings or memorialized a loved one in these pages.
Eight more contributors are in real estate and one sells insurance.  Two financial institutions may be found here, and one educational institution.  Two advertisers are in the aviation field, 3 in the automotive business, 2 in fitness and health, 3 deal in hair and grooming, 2 in travel.
The hospitality industry is represented by 3 advertisers.  There are 2 purveyors of products, one book seller and 2 bowling establishments in the mix.  Five medical providers can be found here, as well as 3 attorneys, 8 other professional services, and 8 personal services.
Retailers seeking your business number 14 in all, and you may find 13 tradesmen for construction, home improvement and repairs.  Eleven sports-and activities-oriented groups took up collections to be included within these pages.
In all, the  journal represents a lot of time, efforts, and the generosity of a lot of people.  In a nutshell, its what Elkdom is all about.

Broadway Showtime in October was another successful event.  Thanks to Mickey and Frank Panebianco, we added another $1,700.00 to our Elks Charity Fund.
On Sunday, November 3rd, we will have a Kiddies Costume Party at Pool Side from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.  One more chance to wear your Halloween outfit.
Saturday, November 9th will be our Biggest ever 48th Annual Charity Ball, with great food and dancing until midnight.  See insert in the bulletin for complete details.
Sunday, November 24th, we will have our 2nd Annual Jewelry Show by Laura in the Ball Room from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  This is the time to do your Christmas shopping.  Laura will have everything from stocking-stuffers to fine jewelry.
On Saturday, December 7th, we will have our Roast Pig and Luau.  Food will be served from 4:00 to 7:00 pm with music by Gonzo and special entertainment.  This is at $10.00 per person.  Tickets available from either Helen Everett or myself.  This will conclude our events for this year due to the Holiday Season.
Our entire Activities Committee wishes all our members and their families a Happy Holiday Season and our sincere appreciation for making this a fine year for our lodge.
Ella Mae Shroyer, Activities Committee Chairman


Does our Elks Lodge948 care?  You bet we do!
The holidays are just ahead.  It is the time to care. As the veterans were leaving one of our recent picnics, one of the group stopped me and said,   Ive been away from home for a long time, but this holiday dinner was the closest to being at home.
A prime example of caring is the boxes of books deposited into our lodge lobby each month.  These books are sorted and delivered to our veterans and enjoyed by many.
What we need also are two or three volunteers willing to devote three or four hours a week to assist in this endeavor.  Please call me and you  are rewarded by that deep-down feeling that
Elks Care and Elks Share.
John Chorlog, Sr,
Veteran Services
(305) 665-5220
Watch for our "Veteran's Corner" in upcoming issues.

By: Ella Mae Shroyer
On the hot and humid afternoon of Saturday, October 12th, the Orange Bowl in Miami was packed to capacity (more than 80,000) watching the FSU Seminoles and the University of Miami Hurricanes.
In excess of thirty people enjoyed our lounges big-screen TV and in the cool and comfort of our Elks Lodge No. 948 with hotdogs, or food from the lounge menu, and their favorite drinks.
We were well into the last quarter and I wouldnt  have given a lot for the Hurricanes chances, but you know what?  They came through and won 28 to 27.  Well!  You only need one point to win.
In our pool of the day we had four winners:
Eugene Mitchell, Marcie Arrendale, Tony Diego and Zona Smith.
And of course, our Elks Charity Fund won again.  Thanks everyone!

By:  Don Schwartz, Leading Knight
I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support and encouragement in staging our 48th Annual Charity Ball.  When we started planning for this event back in August, I often wondered if we would ever be successful in our endeavors.  There seemed to be so much to do and we needed so many volunteers that it almost seemed it would be impossible.  However, so many of you stepped forward when asked to help, that it made the experience very gratifying.  Help came in getting a band for our dance, for printing and selling raffle tickets, for stuffing envelopes, for arranging for our dinner, for doing the decorations, for going out and getting ads, for preparing our ads for printing, for keeping track of our income and expenses, for designing our Charity Ball cover, and oh so many other details.
All of this volunteer work and effort for what purpose.  Yes, of course, there is satisfaction in doing a good job, but the reality is that it is all done for Charity.  The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks has long been a champion of Charitable causes and the members of this lodge should be proud that we too will step up when called upon.  When the migrant child in Homestead receives his/her holiday gift, we are there.  When that homeless person in Miami has a meal to eat and a place to sleep, we are there.  When the Womens Breast Cancer group counsels a patient, we are there.  When the child gets occupational and/or Physical therapy, we are there.  When disaster strikes in other parts of our country, we are there.
My brothers and sisters, for all of those whom I cannot speak to directly or personally, let me say, Thank You.  In closing, let me remind you that Charity is the greatest of all the virtues and that it should ever rule us in our hearts and in our lives.

Autumn is here and thoughts begin to shift to the holidays and the Annual Hoop Shoot Competition.  This year our Elks Lodge No. 948 shoot will be held on Saturday, November 23rd.  The district shoot will follow on January 4th, both at Gulliver Prep., 6575 North Kendall Drive.  Age groups will be organized by birth date as of April 1, 2003.
The shoot will begin at 9:00 A.M. for the 8-9 age group; 10-11 contestants will begin at about 10:00; and the 12-13 at about 11:00.  Last year, over 2,000 participants competed at area schools.  This years school winners will be invited as well as the children and grand children of Elks.  The entry deadline is Monday, November 18th.
An important organizational meeting of volunteers to operate the shoot will be held on Thursday, November 14th, at 7:00 P.M. in the card room at the lodge.  All interested in assisting with the hoop shoot, please attend.  As always, the success of the shoot depends on you!
Contact Bob Willig at (305) 221-1396 for additional information or sign up at the lodge.  Everyone is welcome!

We are happy to tell you that the Miami Dolphins have played three games as our bulletin goes to press and we have had twenty-four winners as follows:
Pool No. 1: September 29th:
1st Qtr.- Barbara and Armand,   2nd Qtr. - Ralph Chislett,     3rd Qtr. - Felix Sensale,     Final - Edna J. Camacho
Pool No. 2:    September 29th:
1st Qtr. - Felix and Manny,     2nd Qtr. - George Uffenorde and R.Eklund,     3rd Qtr. - Ed Steppe,     Final - Michael Raulson
Pool No. 1: October 6th:
1st Qtr. - Manny Nicolaides,     2nd Qtr. - Manny Nicolaides,     3rd Qtr. - Ralph Chislett,     Final - Del Butcher
Pool No. 2: October 6th:
1st Qtr. - Don Surplus,     2nd Qtr. - Don Surplus,     3rd Qtr. - Liz and Ron Smith,     Final - K. Long
Pool No. 1: October 13th:
1st Qtr. - Harry DeVeaux,     2ndQtr. - Pat Regan,     3rd Qtr. - Shaun Young,     Final - Diane Regan
Pool No. 2: October 13th:
1st Qtr. - Jim Bowers,     2nd Qtr. - K. Long,     3rd Qtr. - R. Sprecher,     Final - Scotty M.
Pool No. 1:  October 20th:
1st Qtr. - C. Roberson,     2nd Qtr. - Sheila Dowd,     3rd Qtr. - Dorothy Garrison,     Final - Pat Regan
Pool No. 2: October 20th:
1st Qtr. - Sylvia Kyne,     2nd Qtr. - Doris Bow,     3rd Qtr. - Liz and Ron Smith,     Final - Rosa Palma
Congratulations to the Winners!
We all know that the big winner is our MIAMI ELKS CHARITY FUND!



(In loving memory of William J. Reschke)

No. 7687

December 12, 1918 September 30, 2002

By:  Edna J. Camacho

A dear heart stopped beating today,

Only one like him you will ever find.

A good friend to many has gone away,

He was caring, loving: Yes!  Only one of a kind.

He lived a long and happy lifeand now at the sunset;

Family and a multitude of friends have gathered close by.

He had a smile for all those he met,

God called him home; we question not why!

Search the heavens for a new and brighter star;

Cast your eyes upward into the night sky.

Its brilliant; its there; we can see clearly from afar.

The star has been named Bill;

We question not why!

(Written September 30, 2002) 

(American Contract Bridge)
We are interested in forming a new Bridge Group at our Lodge No. 948.  If you play bridge and would like to be pioneers in our new endeavor  to have fun make new friends and meet either one or two times weekly, please call either of the two members listed below.  We first will have a group meeting and determine the best times for our Bridge meetings here at the Lodge.  Our plan is to start in January, but need to know who is interested now.
Please call: Ardyce Grevior (305) 662-4920 Or Ed Brownell (305) 443-5927