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March 2004


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Vol. XV, No. XII
Donald Schwartz, E.R.

Miami Elks Lodge 948

My fellow members: Since this is the last message I shall write as the Exalted Ruler of Miami Lodge 948, I hope you will indulge me as I reminisce about the past year. The year has gone by swiftly and I must tell you that it was a most enjoyable and rewarding experience to serve as your Exalted Ruler. The workshops I attended in Sebring, Orlando, Umatilla, South Miami and the Florida Keys were both informative and helpful in carrying out my responsibilities.
However, for the rest of my days I shall always remember the people and events at our lodge. How could I ever forget: Mary (sunshine) Rust and the way she did such a beautiful job with our Charity Ball. Glenna (Dracula) Carroll with her monthly appeals for our Blood Drive; Richard (is it a turkey or a dove?) White and his efforts for the Elks National Foundation along with his patience with the Exalted Ruler when coaching our ritual team; Shaun (wide right) Young and his dedicated work for the Harry Anna Trust Fund; Jeff (let's play eighteen) Muehlfeld for his work in our Charity golf tournament; Art (sure we can do it) Rauch and Nick (I will be there) Lamis for their work on our Memorial Day Program; Jim Murray and Larry E. Myers, (our Books of Knowledge); Edna (walk softly, but carry a big stick) Camacho for her work on The Reporter and helping the Exalted Ruler see the light at the end of the tunnel. Paul (O.K. I'll do it) Shepard for his work on our Soccer Shoot; Wade (how did I get into this?) Fisk for his work on our Hoop Shoot. Ginger (we have to cut back) DiCristafaro for her work as House Committee Chair. Ella Mae (I have tickets) Shroyer for her work in organizing so many of our social events. John (we won't forget) Chorlog for his devotion to our Veterans Program. Our Trustees; Past Exalted Rulers, Yard crew, hanging crew, clean up committee, Office Staff and Elkettes for all the hours of committed service to our lodge and to the success of the Exalted Ruler.
For all of the above and many I am sure I am leaving out, I say, thank you, thank you, thank you!
As I leave office, I am confident that those who will come after me are well prepared to assume the heavy responsibility of protecting the lodge and leading it in the charitable work we are dedicated to doing.
Shirley and I wish each of you and your families health and happiness.
Donald Schwartz, Exalted Ruler

It doesn't seem possible that another year has gone by. I'm sure our Exalted Ruler shares the same sentiments and possibly looks forward to P.E.R. status.
Our committee has worked hard to make this a good year. We have tried to have events of interest for everyone. To date, we have made approximately $7,800. 00 for our Charity Fund not including the Bowling Tournament last August.
The Saturday night specials have become very popular. Chef Manny Nicolaides and assistant Mike Myers did a terrific job at the Chicken Roast with assistance in the kitchen by Mary Rust and carver Ralph Chislett and Food Runner was Dave Grime. We also include the women servers: Joyce Bryda, Marie Kinsey, Edna Camacho and Marie Grime served as ticket taker. How about the music? Wasn't it great? Our very own Elktones: Jeff Muehlfeld, Richard White, Pat and Sandy Howard. Anyone interested in joining the group, please get in touch with them.
Marie Grime is planning an Elkette luncheon for March 6th and a fish fry for April 3rd.
Saturday, March 13th, will be our St. Patrick's Dance in the ballroom. Dance to the music of the Mystiques from 7:30 to 11:30 pm. Tickets will be $10.00 (meal not included) Corned Beef and Cabbage will be served in the dining room. (See Page 8 for details).
The Inaugural Ball will be held March 27th in the ballroom. Music by the Steve Charles Music Makers from 7:30 to 11:30 pm. Reservations required. Tickets will be $25.00, meal included. (Again, see Page 8 for details). We are planning to have a Lasagna Cook-off on April 24th. So get out your special recipe and enter the contest. Details will be in the March and April Reporter.
Mike Myers is working on a Casino Cruise to No Where for May 16th.
The first Children' Pool Party will be May 23rd, with Dirk Noyes in charge, always with the safety of the children in mind.
Who said there is not something for everyone in our Activities Group?
Respectfully submitted,
Ella Mae Shroyer, Activities Committee Chairperson

Clearing up a Confusion
Submitted by David and Marie Grime

We hear the club is not doing well. Vacations and/or holidays thin out the lounge and dining room crowds. Then, in another breath, we hear the lodge is in great fiscal shape. Even in these tough economic times, investment returns are adequate, the investment principle is intact, and we're doing well in raising charity money.
So which one is correct? Both. We are speaking of two different entities.
Lodge Responsibilities: The Lodge is the chartered organization, and deals with member services, veterans services and events, certain required events such as Flag Day and Mother's Day, and a score of Youth Activities. The Lodge entity also handles Principle funds and raises money for charity.
948'ers are a generous group. Year after year, the Lodge raises charity funds that put smiles on the faces of our State and National Elks organizations. 948's record achievements, when announced at conventions, make our officers proud. Elks and Elkettes charity events and/or charity fund drives receive wonderful support and participation, and for that we are truly grateful.
House Committee volunteers, however, have a much more difficult job with their charge, the poor and now slightly aging Club.
Club (House) Responsibilities: The Club raises operating business funds under the aegis of the House Committee, by running the restaurant, lounge, ballroom and other meeting rooms, and by staging occasional special events.
The Two Funds:
Lodge: Funds generated by Lodge fund-raisers go toward charity. The Lodge's investment income is used for expenses of the building itself. Your annual dues go toward the Lodge.
When you attend a Lodge Activities Committee function, you are helping the Lodge and its charities.
Club (House): Any profits from the House Committee's efforts will go toward the business of the Club. When you eat or drink at the club, or rent a meeting room, or book your own party in the ballroom, you are helping your own House, or Club.
Remember this formula:
Lodge = Charity
Club (House) = Business
Hope this clears up the confusion and explains why one entity can be well off and one can be sadly ailing. If not, come to our next meeting and ask for yourself. We would love to see you.

Yolanda Bielecki, P.E.R.
of our Lodge 948 has received from Metro-Dade Police Department an Exceptional Service Award for outstanding achievement of departmental goals and objectives and exceptional devotion to duty.
Yolanda is now in her thirty-third year of Service.
Well done!

Our new officers have been nominated, voted upon and are in position to assume their duties for the new Elk's year. What a team!
Mary Rust, Exalted Ruler
Richard White, Esteemed Leading Knight
Shaun Young, Esteemed Loyal Knight
Jeffrey Muehlfeld, Esteemed Lecturing Knight
Secretary, Larry E. Myers, P.E.R.
Treasurer, James Murray, P.E.R.
Esquire, to be announced
Tiler, Arthur Rauch
Chaplain, Nicholas Lamis
Inner Guard, Glenna Carroll
What a positive group! We can only look forward to a fine year.
Congratulations to each and every one!

A second shipment from our Lodge has been sent up to Madison Elks Lodge in North Florida, a total of one hundred seventy five key rings that have been donated by our caring members. Why?
Because we've been told by Madison Elks Lodge No. 2205 in northernmost Florida that Brent Dixon, a young man confined to a wheelchair, diagnosed at birth with muscular dystrophy, collects key chains. It is said that his body in confined to a wheelchair; but his spirit soars. He's said to be an extraordinary young man who has not let his disabilities stop or even hinder him from following his dreams.
Brent's ultimate goal is to get into the Guinness Book of World Records with a collection of more than 20,000 key rings.
We all have them insignificantly somewhere in a drawer not doing a lot of good. Please look around and see what you can find. They don't have to be new, but any contribution to this cause will be appreciated by our Lodge, by the Madison Elks Lodge, but most importantly to Brent Dixon. We have a deposit bucket in the Lounge.
Thank you!
Ginger DiCristafaro & Edna J. Camacho


Blood Drives have been priority since the existence of our Miami Elks Lodge No. 948.
Why? Because it's another way of helping our fellowman and exercising our Elk's basic principle of brotherly love. We schedule drives every other month, or six times per year.
Our drive held on Tuesday, February 17th again proved successful; in fact broke all records for the entire past year. A total of thirty prospective donors came; however five were not accepted and were honorary gold star recipients. They were: W.J. Donney, Maryanne Weinstein, Glenn and Mary Rust and Mark Wilson.
The donors were:
Virginia Goodson
Virginia McGunagle
Paul Shepard
Nick Lamis
Gene Gutohrlein
Pam Stainton
Bert Stainton
Marita Fonseca
Greg Strong
Eugene Mitchell
Theodore Sayre
Len Gurick
Nick DeMartino
Edna J. Camacho
Bruce Bates
David Grime
Joy VonWald
Harlo VonWald
Mary C. Barker
Kenneth C. Barker
Carl Hill
Rein Redick
Thomas Young
Raymond Arthur
Michael Marchi
Each donor was the recipient of a free spaghetti dinner and a T-shirt. This is a painless process and the technicians are polite, well trained, and the entire session usually takes less than forty-five minutes.
If you have never donated to our drive, please consider doing so at our next drive in April. Not only do we appreciate it, but it is life saving.
Thank you sincerely!
Glenna Carroll & Marianne Weinstein