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January 2004


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Vol. XV, No. X
Donald Schwartz, E.R.

Miami Elks Lodge 948

The New Year has just begun and many of us have made our annual resolutions. Some to lose weight or exercise more often or become better parents or grandparents, but may I suggest one that all of us should consider. Let's become more involved with our Lodge. We are fortunate to have a lodge with such beautiful facilities, and activities that all can enjoy. However, we need you to step forward and become more involved. Resolve now to attend at least one meeting a month. Decisions are being made about your lodge by such a small percentage of our members because your voice is not present at our Wednesday night meetings. We will welcome new ideas and energy that only you can supply. Our committees need you to participate. Our blood drive committee, our Veterans committee, our activities committee, our yard crew, our clean up crew, our investigation team, our Lapsation committee, and our Youth activities committee could all use your help. I know we are all busy with our own lives, but surely one hour a week on Wednesday evening from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm is not too much to give. The fellowship and camaraderie that develops from that commitment can not be measured. By attending these meetings you will become better informed about Elkdom and our goals. New friends, new goals, new purposes for our being will all begin with that commitment. Your involvement will also create the pool that is needed to generate the officers that are needed for our chairs. So often leadership and decisions are questioned. Now to those that question, I suggest it is time not only to question, but to lead and to take the responsibilities of leadership. It can and must begin with each of you. Your resolution to make your Lodge better is what is needed. YOU CAN DO IT. See you Wednesday night.
My family and I wish each of you a healthy and happy New Year.
Donald Schwartz, Exalted Ruler

Can it possibly be that another year is behind us? Seems only a short time since we were at this point last year.
Our committee has tried diligently to bring to our members a variety of events: cookouts, music, dances in the ballroom, jewelry shows and special events. We sincerely hope and feel that there has been something there for everyone's interest.
In the immediate future is the Hangover Party on New Year's morning from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm which is a Start the New Year Off with your friends. The only requirement is that you bring your favorite covered dish. This is always an enjoyable get together for our members. You share good food and you only have to worry about one dish. It's always a fun event.
On Saturday, January 10th, is a special cookout by our Good Chef Manny. Anything Manny takes on is always a success and we sincerely thank him for his efforts. Full details are on Page 8. Please come!
On Saturday, January 31st, we have a very special event for all chicken lovers. It's called chicken-ala-Manny served from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. When Manny cooks it, it has to be good.
Future events include St. Patrick's Day Celebration on March 13th, a Saturday night. Also, in our future, is the Inaugural Ball of incoming Officers on March 27th. I take this opportunity to thank all of our committee who have given time and effort to all events and made them successful and to sincerely wish all of you and your families a very Happy New Year of 2004.
Ella Mae Shroyer
Activities Committee Chairperson

Was held on Sunday afternoon, December 7, 2003 at 1:30 pm in our Lodge Meeting Room.
In Fidelity to their memory, we dedicated these services to those who joined the ranks of our Absent Members during the fraternal year of December 1, 2002 to November 31, 2003.
Stanley Badz
Ernest Bivans
Harry Bush
Jose Campo
Sam Dobras
Dewitt Foster
Frank Haczynski
Alice Hayes
Stephen Hunter, PER
Robert Jeffers
James Jorgenson
Charlie Lender
Jack Massey
Joseph Nimeth, PER
Frank Paddock
Richard Perdue
Rocco Pisegna
Giles Rapozo
Laura Roberts
Herbert Shannon
Clifton Sias
Edward Simmons
Burton Sklar
Roger Wheeler
"May light perpetual shine upon them until the morning breaks and the shadows flee away."
Our officers under the direction of Donald Schwartz, Exalted Ruler; assisted by Mary Rust, Leading Knight; Richard White, Loyal Knight; Glenna Carroll, Chaplain; Jeffrey Muehlfeld, Esquire; Art Rauch, Tiler; Nicolas Lamas, Inner Guard and in addition we were honored by Albert Reker, PER; George Moro, PDDGER, David Grime, Trustee; and the ever present Nat Barone, PDDGER, who gave the Memorial Address.
All did a proud and impressive presentation. A rose and framed certificate was given to family or friend of the departed members.
Our sincere appreciation!

In the Spirit of Brotherly Love
It was the 6th of December, a Saturday morning. The majority of South Florida was in the throes of planning holiday shopping, tree trimming, etc., with a long list of what was to be done that day. Well! It is that time of year.
At least 40 volunteer Elks from our Lodge No. 948 were at Gulliver Preparatory School (some as early as 7:30 am). For what? To do all that had to be done for a successful Elk's National Hoop Shoot Competition for more than forty students from schools throughout Miami-Dade County. There were line judges, score keepers, ball chasers, a complete registration table, our Lodge Officers: Exalted Ruler Donald Schwartz and his wife Shirley; Mary Rust, Leading Knight; Glen Rust, PDDGER; Art Rauch, Tiler; Nick Lamis, Inner Guard, and many, many more.
Gratifying it was to see the children's determination to win (trophies, T-shirts and certificates were awarded), but to see our Elks in action was not new to many of those who are ever present.
A very special thanks goes to all of you and especially to Wade Fisk, Hoop Shoot Chairman, who had spent much time and effort in the preparation for this successful competition; to our own announcer, the soothing voice of Rex Darrow; and ultimately awards presentation by our own Exalted Ruler, Donald Schwartz. They did it well!
Edna J. Camacho
The 948 Reporter

(Those that you bought somewhere, do not use and they lay in the drawer untouched. They can serve a very important need and make one young man happy.)
Madison, Florida Elks Lodge No. 2205 is a remotely located lodge just North of Interstate 10 and a few miles south of the Georgia border. They have appealed to us to help in this endeavor; sponsored by Glendyle Littleton, Chairman of the Trustees of that Lodge.
We are told that Brent Dixon, confined to a wheelchair, diagnosed at birth with muscular dystrophy, collects key chains. It is said that his body is confined to a wheelchair; but his spirit soars. He's an extraordinary young man who has not let his disabilities stop or even hinder him from following his dreams. In his wheelchair, he leads his middle school football team out on the field before each football game. He will be attending Lowndes High School next year and they have asked Brent to be their Viking Mascot also.
Brent's ultimate goal is to get into the Guinness Book of World Records with a collection of more than 20,000 key chains.
It's not so much to ask and we can help. A deposit will be made available in the Lounge Area of our Lodge. If each of you who reads this bulletin will find and contribute just one or two key chains, what a nice response to a plea for assistance we can make. Please let your heart be your guide as we, as Elks know how to do.
Ginger DiCristafaro or Edna J. Camacho

All right slackers! There's a new piece of equipment in our work out room. A full-blown, got all the toys, look great in six weeks, BOWFLEX machine. This was graciously loaned to us by Dennis McGuire, and we wish to thank him mightily. This machine has all of he supplemental items including a leg lift attachment, lat bars, squat attachment, rowing seat, back incline, and foot and hand grips. This machine is in great shape and just waiting to be used. Stop by the workout room the next time you are in the lodge and take a look at this fine piece of resistance training equipment. You might even want to mount up and give it a try. There is a poster depicting the exercises in the room as well.
Jeffrey A. Muehlfeld, Lodge Esquire

("Same Ole Stuff")
It's amazing what is to be learned even though you dont ask.
Recently, a member's wife told me they did not know we were having a Greek dinner here at the Lodge on a Saturday night and they were sorry they missed it.
My response was, "It was announced in the bulletin for the last two months".
The reply was, "Oh, my husband doesn't read the bulletin. It's always the 'same ole stuff'".
This member attends at least ninety percent of our meetings and something has to be of interest to him or he would not keep coming back.
Even though every effort is made to keep you, the members, informed of the events not primarily in our Elk's Lodge, but in our state, and our nation, it means little to anyone of us if it goes un-read.
Our bulletin starts with our Exalted Ruler's message. We emphasize what's done for charity; our sports events; events for the children: national hoop shoots, soccer shoots, bowling, golf tournaments, the Annual Charity Ball; all to enhance our Charity Fund. We have events for the small children: supervised pool parties; annual Children's Party in December for children under 8.
We even give you menu choices that are being served on meeting nights; we give you the bands playing the music in the lounge here each Friday night.
A long list of varied events is approved and published when a new Exalted Ruler takes office; a complete list of all committee chairmen is published once or at different times throughout the year; there's something for everyone. Neither did this lady know that it was me who had just completed my 27th month as editor of "The 948 Reporter". I have it first hand that it is definitely not "the same ole' stuff". Your only requirement (to know the difference) is to read it.
Respectfully submitted,
Edna J. Camacho

Since the beginning of our Elks Lodge No. 948, blood drives have been a major function of our activities exemplifying caring for our fellowman. Everyone is super busy at this holiday time of year; yet another very successful drive took place on the evening of December 16th and 22 pints of life saving blood were donated. Two would-be donors received the gold star. They came, were examined and could not give this time. They were: Sandy Howard and Mary Rust.
The donors are as follows:
Mark Wilson
Virginia Goodson
Pam Stainton
Bert Stainton
Raymond Arthur
Edna J. Camacho
David Grime
Leonard Gurick
Maryanne Weinstein
Del Butcher
Joy von Wald
Harlo von Wald
Paul Shepard
Marilyn Carlson
James Kay
Rein Redick
Paul Nemeth
Judi Nemeth
Glen Rust
Michael Marchi
Juliane Stamatyades
Donald Connor
We warmly thank these donors, because this action signifies that we care. They were given a free spaghetti dinner as a token of our appreciation.
Our entire group extends to all of our members our very best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and the Very Best for the New Year.
Thank you sincerely!
Glenna Carroll and Maryanne Weinstein

The House Committee had to make some tough decisions at their most recent meeting. After long and forceful discussions, it was determined that due to lack of participation, the Happy Hour Prices would be discontinued effective immediately. The Dining Room will remain closed during the month of January for the same reason. This will be re-visited at the January meetings. The bar menu is available until 7:30 pm.
Have you done any shopping lately at the grocery stores or at the liquor stores? Some prices are out of sight. Accordingly, the House Committee voted to raise draft beer, coffee, tea and soda 10 cents. All liquor drinks will be raised 25 cents. These increases will go into effect as soon as the computer can be programmed. An evening meeting of the House Committee is scheduled for Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004. We look for a better turn out than the last one. It will be at 7:00 pm in the Trustees room.
There is one more comment that needs to be made. All decisions of the House Committee are made by the seven members of the committee as a whole; no decisions are made individually. You can find the names of the House Committee on Page 2 of the REPORTER. All members of the Committee do eat in the Dining Room and therefore, can make concrete suggestions. The members of the House Committee give many hours of their time to taking care of the business of the Club and are owed everyone's appreciation for this volunteer job that they so cheerfully do.
Ginger DiCristafaro, House Committee Chair