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December 2003


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Vol. XV, No. IX
Donald Schwartz, E.R.

Miami Elks Lodge 948

We all have much to be thankful for this coming holiday season. When I reflect on the work and accomplishments I have contributed to this last year, several things come to my mind: for instance, 'family' and their support of all of my endeavors. Included in this group are my friends from work and this Lodge. I would suggest 'country' should be listed, where individual freedom, hard work, and respect for others summarize the American way.
Many will be thankful this season for the Elk's and the kindness and assistance they have received through our foundations. We have started selling our Doves of Hope and Peace to hang in our Hall of Hope. The proceeds from the sale of the Doves go to the Elk's National Foundation which helps support our Drug Awareness, "Hoop Shoot", Soccer Shoot programs, and the State's major charitable project the Florida Elks Youth Camp and Therapy Program. Please be generous and fly a Dove down the hall for yourself, your spouse, your children, or perhaps as a memorial to someone close. With more than half of the year gone we are far from our goal for ENF certificates. If you have not yet purchased one this year time is running out.
I would also like to announce our Kid's Holiday Party scheduled for December 13th from 1:00 pm 4:00 pm. The committee has already met a couple of times, but we could always use more help. If you are interested, please let me know. There is a form on Page 9 of this bulletin that needs to be filled out and returned to the Lodge fairly quickly so that we can have enough food and drink for everyone.
Please remember to keep the men and women serving this country during this holiday season in your heart and in your prayers.
Finally, I would like to personally thank all of the members who have helped make the Lodge such a great place to go, whether it is for lunch, dinner, just a cocktail, a Wednesday night meeting, or for fabulous entertainment, we have a true treasure and should well be proud. I would like to thank all those who have helped this year's officers accomplish so much.
Richard White
Esteemed Loyal Knight

Our sincere congratulations goes to Mary Rust and her Committee for a successful Charity Ball.
The Halloween Party was well attended. Lou Forti stole the show as you can see by the pictures on page 7.
The Steve Charles Orchestra went very well on the night of November 15th and everyone enjoyed dancing to the music.
Don't forget the Jewelry Show by Laura in the Ball Room Sunday, December 7th from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm. In addition to fine and costume jewelry, there will be purses and accessories perfect for your holiday shopping. Come for breakfast, shop and add to our Charity Fund and attend the Elks Memorial Services at 1:30 in the Lodge Room. Our Saturday night dinner specials in the lounge will return January 10th. Chef Manny Nicolaides will do a Pig Roast with black beans, rice and plantains. Reservations are required in order to prepare for the right amount. Tickets will be $10.00 per person available from me or the lounge bartender. Please come!
Best wishes from our Activities Committee to all for the Holiday Season.
Ella Mae Shroyer
Activities Chairperson

I want to thank those who worked so hard and gave so much of their time to make this event a success. My committee which included Exalted Ruler Don Schwartz and his wife Shirley; our South District Vice President, Al Reker, and his wife Barbara; Virginia Difede and Sally Davidson; as well as all those listed below who did a great job.
In particular the House Committee, including Larry Myers, Tony Diego and his wife Sandy, and Danny Barsimantov, but especially Ginger DiCristafaro. Ginger not only planned and coordinated the sumptuous meal; she also handled the printing of the Charity Ball Journal plus mailing and the printing and sales of the raffle tickets. The decorations were a multiple effort: Don and Rickie Noyes made them and with the help of their "hangmen", they worked all Friday afternoon putting them up and arranging the tables. Thanks to Manny Nicolaides, Lee and Charlie Williams, Dave and Marie Grime, Danny Barsimantov, Dick Hoffman, Carole Miller, Ella Mae Shroyer and Linda Hoover. Edie Darus did a wonderful job on the service bar, and Joy Butcher and Del did a super job on the table decorations. The Journal was put together by Marie and David Grime. The cover was designed by Mickey and Art Rauch, who also printed the Ball Tickets. The ads that appear in the Journal, which contribute so much to the income of this function, were obtained by many people, especially the members of the Ball Committee.
Ticket sales and the seating layout is a time consuming and difficult job. It was handled very efficiently by Ella Mae Shroyer. Glenna Carroll did Chaplain duty and also conducted the raffle. Prizes were as follows:
First prize: - $500.00 - Henry Langston
Second prize: - $300.00 - Andy Paloquin
Third prize: - $200.00 - Dr. Richard Ferrando
Congratulations to all!
The moneyman was George Moro; he did the accounting and kept the records straight.
Edna Camacho was there to help as always and was our photographer.
Joyce Collins coordinated the "Toys for Tots" for the children of our Service men and women. Thanks to all of you that donated to this worthy cause.
Karen and Larry Myers, in the office, took your calls and answered many of your questions or directed them to the right people. Larry oversaw the meal preparations and serving admirably.
I'd like to thank all of you for helping us raise the money to continue our charitable projects. I am very happy to report that we expect to net approximately $6,300.00 for our various charities.
Thank you for allowing me to be your Chairman and Happy Holidays!
Mary Rust, Leading Knight and Charity Ball Chairman

The Miami Elks Lodge No. 948 held its annual Charity Golf Tournament on Saturday, October 25th at the Miami Springs Golf and Country club. I am happy to report that 68 golfers enjoyed a great day of golf and a scrumptious Italian lunch afterward. We gave out a bunch of raffle prizes ranging from fishing rods to a gift certificate for a massage. The weather was great for the most part, except for that one fast moving shower that doused us.
All in all it was a great tournament and we raised approximately $3,200 for our charity account. I want to recognize and thank the committee members and volunteers who helped make the tournament a success. The committee consisted of Kathy Beers, Ralph Chislett, Pat Howard, Ben Jackson, Tim McNamara, Jeff Muehlfeld, Mike Myers, Pat Noseda, Britt Parker, Wayne Scott, Felix Sensale and Dolly Waldman. Our volunteers were Sheila Dowd, Laura Garcis, Sandy Howard, Jan Hogan and April Jackson.
The winners of the tournament were:
1st Place Walt Anderson, Mike Osman, Steve Bailey, Angelo Ibanez
2nd Place Phil Levitz, Alex Embry, Al Blum, G. Parrem
3rd Place Robert Palmer, David Locicero, Paul Terwilliger, Louis Maheshi
Mens Longest Drive (under 50) Rey Fernandez
Mens Longest Drive (50 and over) F. Rodriguez
Mens Closest to the Pin Joe Pratt
Ladies Closest to the Pin Ruth Castellino
Ladies Straightest Drive Patricia Vegnani
I also want to thank our sponsors for their generosity. I have included a list of our sponsors and I encourage all of you to patronize their businesses.
Until next year,
Jeff Muehlfeld

Kendall Alehouse
Lexus of Kendall
Miami Springs Golf and Country Club
Youth Fishing Foundation
Premier Beverage
Eagle Brands
WayneCo Corporation
Charlie Diamond
The Irish Tavern
Artistic Pools
Peninsula Avionics
New Theatre
Redlands Golf and Country Club
Elisabeth Brady, CPA
Everglades Outpost
Miccosukee Golf Club
Aviation Instrument Services
Bob Hilson & Company
Sports Grill-Hammocks
Coconut Grove Playhouse
The Bakerman Inc.
The Miami Heat
Seabreeze Nail Salon
Actors Playhouse
C.J. Aviation
Tatiana M. Vahan
InSource, Inc.
The Flyer

A successful Blood Drive was held on October 21st (after our deadline for the November Reporter). Eighteen donors registered; however three were unable to donate. Fifteen donations will help save fifteen lives.
We give those three a gold star:
Mary and Glen Rust
Eugene Mitchell
The donors were:
Don Noyes
Mark Wilson
Rudy Ros
Leonard Guriak
Raymond Arthur
Bruce Bates
Virginia Goodson
David Grime
Virginia McGunagle
Rein Redik
Diane Mara
Terri Avick
Jon Colledge
Edna J. Camacho
Glenna Carroll
The above were given a spaghetti dinner.
The next drive is set for December 16th. Please come!
Thank you sincerely.
Glenna Carroll and Maryanne Weinstein
Your Blood Drive Co-ordinators

By: Marie Grime

All of us like to have our house in order if we're expecting company over the holidays. We may not like to polish and scrub (though it is a plus if you actually like such work), but when you know it needs to be done, a little help from a few people can make a great difference.
A very small turnout at the last clean up day still created a miracle in the ballroom and halls, which looked even worse than usual because of what must have been a real blow out of a party the night before.
Our job is not usually the remains of the night before, however. It has and will be the "fall cleaning" stuff that our small janitorial staff don't and can't get around to every day and every week.
For instance, Danny dusted and scrubbed the soffits high overhead of the stage and the dance floor. The ladies dusted all the woodwork including one of those thin, pink, vertical stripes that wrap around the ballroom. All floor surfaces were thoroughly cleaning, from Edna Camacho pushing the huge, heavy duty vacuum on the entire ballroom carpet to the rest of the cleaning crew sweeping then scrubbing the wooden surfaces of the stage and the dance floor.
Did we work hard? Yes!
Were we tired when we finished? Yes!
Would we welcome help, however? Doggone right, we would.
Our next cleanup is scheduled for Saturday morning, December 6th. As usual, we'll serve Continental breakfast, work from 8:30 to 12:30 or so, then break for lunch. If you're of a mind to help us, we sure would welcome you.
Please come!