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November 2003


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Vol. XV, No. VIII
Donald Schwartz, E.R.

Miami Elks Lodge 948

This month, the month of November, is so unique to all Americans. This of course, is the time we celebrate Thanksgiving. It is not only the time in which we stop and reflect and give thanks for all of our blessings, but my fellow Elks, I believe it is even more. I believe that the first Thanksgiving was the beginning of the spirit of Elkdom. You see, those brave men and women who risked their lives crossing the great Atlantic Ocean in small wooden boats, looking for a better life, understood the idea and ideals of sharing their good fortune. Whatever they had, and it wasnt much, they were willing to share with their neighbors.
We are the descendants of those ideals. We as Elks and members of Miami Lodge No. 948 continue that same spirit of sharing with others. Our charitable work in our community is a reflection of the brave pilgrims.
Your support of this lodge gives us the opportunity to share with the less fortunate. When you buy that extra book of raffle tickets, when you eat a meal in our dining room, or dance in our lounge, you are helping to give back to our community.
So I say to you, in this the month of Thanksgiving, let us all join hands and reach out to those in need and help make our community the best it can be.
My family and I wish for each of you a wonderful and healthy Thanksgiving.
Donald Schwartz, Exalted Ruler

First, I want to thank Helen Everett and Virginia DiFede for handling the ticket sales while I was on vacation.
I missed the October 11th dance, but understand it was a success.
Manny Nicolaides is to be complimented on a terrific job for Greek Night that well-known Greek Chef. One hundred seven dinners were served. I know the lines were long, but it was worth the wait. The food was delicious and we had a lot of compliments. Remember, we are all volunteers and not professionals. Thanks to Lee and Charlie Williams and Larry Myers who helped Manny in the preparation of the food and all the many, many other volunteers who helped make this a success.
At the end of September, on Saturday night, the 27th, Shaun Young, with his group, did his chef expertise duty and gave us a Steak Dinner with baked potato and salad which was equally delicious and brought in 91 people for dinner on a Saturday night. With this event, we had Cleo who kept the lounge dance floor full. Again, well done!
On November 15th, there will be a dance in the ballroom. Music will be by the Steve Charles Orchestra. It will be a four-piece band that plays all kinds of music. Tickets will be $10.00 per person available from Ella Mae Shroyer or Helen Everett. The dining room will have a dinner special that night. Reservations are necessary. Please call (305) 270-8185 for reservations. Due to a full calendar for November and December, the monthly Saturday Night Dinner Events will be discontinued until January.
Our Committee wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
Ella Mae Shroyer, Activities Committee Chairperson

We all experience proud moments. One came on the night of October 8th before our regular Wednesday night meeting began.
Tim Reker, of the Miami Police Kendall Station introduced his final Police Officer of the Month. Why? Because Tim has been promoted and transferred to the Doral Station and will not be performing this duty here in the future. We congratulate Tim on his promotion and know that Doral Police Department will be the lucky one. We thank him and the Police Department for the fine work that they do for our community.
In addition and with the Elkettes present for this presentation, our Exalted Ruler Donald Schwartz took this opportunity to present a plaque to the present Elkette President, Marie Grime and one to the Past Elkette President Mickey Rauch for their outstanding contributions to Elks Charities.
We thank all of you and Proud Moments you say? You bet!

[These are the stories that come from the heart; another version of just what do Elks do]
Our grandson, Russell, is one of about a dozen future Elks and Elkettes between the ages of 4 and 9 who attend the childrens pool parties about once a month. The Activities Committee, is headed by Ella Mae Shroyer, and known to the children as the Lollipop Lady. This event is a great meeting place for the children, parents and grandparents.
At one of these pool parties, our five-year old grandson was neck-deep in the pool when Ella Mae came into view. He jumped out of the pool, ran with wings on his heels (he knows not to run around the pool area) straight to Ella Mae shouting at the top of his lungs (knows not to shout at adults, too). Hi! Ella Mae, do you have lollipops? All one word and not even a please (he knows how to say please, too). As I jumped from my chair to chase him down and remind him of his manners, I stopped short! There stood Ella Mae being hugged by a very wet little Russell, their heads soon together over a bag of treasured lollipops; much better I'm sure than the ones at home, choosing just the right color.
Soon the other children were out of the pool, gathered around this most delighted lady, dripping water all over her lovely pantsuit, laughing, talking and pulling lollipops out of her bag.
I sat back down. Who could think of manners at a precious time like this? However, I heard everyone of them sing a happy thank you to her as they turned away enjoying their treasured treats.
A memory I shall long remember. Keep up the good work Lollipop Lady, and thanks for the summer filled with fun and new friends.
Rickie Noyes

Wednesday, November 5th 2003
CASH BAR: 6:00 to 6:45 PM
DINNER: 6:45 to 7:45 PM
Meeting will start promptly at 8:00 PM
Reservations Required - Sign up sheet outside of Lounge or Call (305) 270-8283 by Tuesday, November 4th.

On meeting night on October 1st at our Lodge, a warm tribute of appreciation by our Exalted Ruler, Donald Schwartz, was paid to Paul Shepard for his excellence in successfully coordinating our Soccer competition for the children on Saturday, September 20th held on our grounds on a very, very short notice.
According to Paul, the Lodge ran its Fourth Annual Soccer Shoot on the above Saturday. Not only did we have 77 kids kicking under our sponsorship, we also hosted Coral Gables/South Miami Elks Soccer Shoot as well as the South District Shoot.
We sent six winners to the District, where they won again and will represent the Lodge at the Regional in Lehigh Acres on November 1st.
The winners were Vanessa and Jessica Plasencia, Monica DeHombre for the girls and Jonathan Ramires, Gianmichael Alfonso and Franco Silva for the boys.
We received many thanks and compliments from the parents and the kickers. All seemed to enjoy the competition, as well as the drinks and hot-dogs. The Award Ceremony was well attended and the winners were pleased with the trophies and T-shirts.
Of course none of this would have been possible if not for the efforts of our usual cadre of volunteers. We seem to depend on the same ones every year.
The following put up and took down the goals, which is like playing with pick-up sticks: Dave Grime, Manny Nicolaides, Phil Cunio, Art Rauch, Paul Shepard, Bob Thomas, Ralph Chislett, Felix Sensale and Charlie Williams. The ladies at the registration and certificate tables, Lydia Clareus, Mickey Rauch, Lee Williams, Barbara Reker, and Pam Sensale did their usual outstanding job. As she has every year, Marie Grime designed and produced the certificates. The refreshment stand, manned by Al Reker and Bob Mitchell did a booming business.
Now the Judges: Jeffrey Muehlfeld, Donald Schwartz, Jose DeHombre, Ralph Chislet, Bob Thomas, Paul Shepard, Felix Sensale, Charlie Williams and Dave Grime.
We also thank Mr. Bill Norris and the Boy Scouts for their help on another hot day. As usual Bob Mitchell was the photographer and Walt Regan furnished the paint striper.
Thank all of you again for making this a successful event.
Paul Shepard

On regular Wednesday meeting nights, we have a drawing at the end of each session. If you are present and your membership number is drawn, you win. During the month of October, three numbers were drawn: B. Borak; Clinton Miller; and Luis Fernandez. Neither member drawn was present. The pot is presently in excess of $300.00. This is a gentle way of saying, please come to meetings.
Tommy Palma, P.E.R. and PSVP

We thank you for your comments. We are striving to improve.
Please remember to make reservations for special events.
There are members who would like the lounge open on Saturday nights. We are attempting to plan at least once a month a special event on a Saturday night. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.
Thank you for your support.
Ginger DiCristafaro

This article is to notify everyone concerned that the Miami Elks Lodge No. 948 annual hoop shoot will be held at The Gulliver Preparatory School Gymnasium, 6575 North Kendall Drive, on December 6, 2003.
Competition will begin at 9:00 AM for 8-9 year old girls and boys, 10:00 AM for 10-11 year old girls and boys and 11:00 AM for 12-13 year old girls and boys. Check in will begin a half hour prior to starting time for each age group. Trophies and T Shirts will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Certificates of participation will be given to all contestants.
DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION - - - All contestants will be required to register for this contest by November 14, 2003. Proof of age (Copy of Birth Certificate) must accompany the registration form Age, for this contest, will be determined by the age of the participant as of April 1, 2004. Please contact Wade Fisk at (305) 667-6394 for registration form and contest information. Mailing address is 530 San Juan Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33143.
ALL VOLUNTEER HELPERS - - - There will be a meeting on Tuesday, November 11th at 7:00 PM at the Elks Lodge for all Volunteer Helpers. Hoop Shoot activity assignments and substitute assignments for our contest will be drafted at this meeting. If you have an Officials Shirt or Elks hoop shoot shirt from previous years, please bring this to the meeting so that we can take inventory. Shirts will also be given out at this meeting as needed.
Thank you all - for volunteering to help with this worthwhile elks childrens function.

Our Bridge Club was one year old in October! We have four and sometimes five bridge tables of four each. Bridge starts at 12:30 noon on the first Wednesday; third Wednesday and sometimes we play the fifth Wednesday if we have five. It is a lot of fun and if you want to join us for lunch, we are in the lounge at 11:30 am. Our big winners so far this year are: Richard White, Rita White, Mary Pereda, Dan Boardman, Maxine Petty and Mervyn Ames.
We play progressive bridgeSix hands and winners move up to the next table except table oneWe are trying to have an even number of players so no one will have to sit out.
So, if you would like to play, please call me.
Bridge keeps your mind very active. It's good for you too.
Ardyce Grevior