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September 2003


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Vol. XV, No. VI
Donald Schwartz, E.R.

Miami Elks Lodge 948

The motto of the Leading Knight station is Charity. One of the Leading Knights projects is the annual Charity Ball. This year the Ball is going to be November 1st. The theme is A Harvest Ball. A committee has been formed and several meetings conducted to plan the various details. We will have a delicious meal, music by the band, Earthshines; those of you that have heard them have been very pleased. There will be a raffle with cash prized of $500, $300, and $200, as well as other gifts. The Ball Program is in production and we are selling ads as in previous years.
Thanks to the hard work of a dedicated group, you probably have received, in the mail, a letter about the event, an application for Program advertisements and two booklets of raffle tickets. You can support us by placing an ad in the Program or requesting an ad from the businesses that you patronize. Point our that their ad will be read by hundreds of our people. Its also a nice opportunity to place an ad in memory of a departed loved one.
We were able to keep the same ticket price as last year, $25.00 each. This event is always a sellout so dont be left out. Its a good chance to dress up and enjoy the season. Get your tickets early.
The Charity Ball enables us to provide the support of our various Charities. The theme this year is The Harvest Ball. The Charities that we support and the people that we help are our harvest.
We send kids to camp, enable our Therapists to help not only the children in their care, but to train their parents to help them achieve their maximum potential. We help various Youth Groups, we award scholarships and promote Drug Awareness, we conduct and support sports programs of many types, all because we recognize that the youth of our society represent the future of our Country. We also honor those men and women that helped preserve our way of life by caring for our Veterans and supporting the Veteran Service Program.
Because so many of you will be attending the Ball, we will also take this opportunity to collect Toys for Tots for the Marines. This is your chance to help a needy child have a nice Christmas.
Mark your calendar, make your plans early. Please help us in everyway that you can to make this Ball as successful as in years past.
Our next meeting will be on September 9th at 7:30 pm in the Lodge. We would love to see you and have your help.
Fraternally yours,
Mary Rust, Leading Knight


This month I write to those of you who have not yet paid your yearly dues. I want to encourage each of you to continue your support of our lodge and the charitable work in which we are engaged. I know I do not need to remind you that our organization works for the benefit of children and those in need. When we pay our dues we are giving back to our community and helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Our continued support of the migrant children of Homestead; the womens breast cancer group; the Miami Childrens Hospital; and our brave war veterans depends upon our generosity.
I encourage each of you to take a moment and write out that yearly dues check so that we can continue the awesome charitable work of Miami Elks Lodge No. 948. My best to you and your families.
Donald Schwartz, Exalted Ruler

On Sunday, August 10th, our bowling league had its organizational meeting at North Miami Elks Lodge. We were received warmly as always and our basic plans are in place for our coming bowling season.
Tentative dates are as follows: (you will be notified of any changes as confirmations are completed)
09-07-03 AMF Pines, 1940 S. University Drive (954) 432-5500
09-28-03 Don Carter Lanes, 13690 N. Kendall Drive (305) 385-6160
10-12-03 Sawgrass, 1391 NW 136 Avenue (954) 846-8088 (see insert in bulletin for exact directions)
10-26-03 Piper Lanes, 11021 South 176 St., Miami (305) 232-0044
11-16-03 University Bowl, 5325 University Dr. (954) 434-9663 (unconfirmed)
12-21-03 Bird Bowl, 9275 SW 40th Street, Miami (305) 221-1221
01-11-04 AMF Pines, 1940 S. University Drive (954) 432-5500
02-08-04 Piper Lanes, 11021 SW 176 Street, Miami (305) 232-0044
02-28-04 Sawgrass, 1391 NW 136 Avenue (954) 846-8088
03-07-04 Bird Bowl, 9275 SW 40th Street (305) 221-1221
04-07-04 AMF Davie, 8200 West State Rd. 84 (954) 473-8822
05-16-04 Don Carter Lanes, 13690 N. Kendall Drive (305) 385-6160
06-06-04 AMF Pines, 1940 S. University Drive (954) 432-5500
06-26-04 BANQUET at Miami Elks 948 at 6:30 PM
February/March Regional Elks State Tournament Dates to be determined.
April/May Elks Nationals Fort Wayne, Indiana John Cech to make arrangements.
We still have space for bowlers and welcome you.
It is a fun league and we enjoy bowling and have in our league approximately 16 teams of both the ladies and mens leagues combined.
Please contact George Uffenorde.

By: Ginger DiCristafaro, Scholarship Chair

The Elks National Foundation sponsors a contest called the Legacy Awards. This contest is open to any high school senior who is the child or grandchild (or step child, step grandchild, or legal ward) of an Elk who has been a member in good standing for at least two years. Applicants are judged on scholarship, leadership, and their responses to short essay questions.
Applications are available by calling (305)270-8184.

The House Committee will have an evening meeting on Tuesday, October 21st at 7:00 pm in the Trustees Room.
We welcome your comments at any time.
Please be sure to make a reservation for special dinners by calling (305) 270-8184.
Ginger DiCristafaro

Once again, the Elkettes are selling the Entertainment 2004 coupon book to raise funds for Elkettes and Elks charity projects. The sale will kick off on September 3rd and continue through December 17th. Each Entertainment book contains thousands of dollars in 2-for-1 and up to 50% -off discount offers from local and national restaurants, hotels and resorts, entertainment and other merchants. More than 160 editions are available across the United States and Canada. The Miami edition costs $25.00 and the Fort Lauderdale Palm Beach edition costs $30.00. These books may be ordered by calling Chairperson Lee Williams. You may also order online at where you can enter account number 85621 when prompted to support the Elkette sale. The out-of-town books will be mailed directly to your recipients.
This is an excellent way to do your holiday shopping for your out-of-town relatives and friends. Last year the Elkettes earned $1,350.00 from the sale of Entertainment books. Your cooperation on this project will be appreciated. Please tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers about this sale. Thank You!
Lee Williams

Miami Elks Lodge No. 948 threw an Ice Cream Party for 250 Veterans at the VA Hospital on Sunday, August 17th, under the direction of John Chorlog, Miami Elks Lodge No. 948 Veterans Committee Chairman at the VA Hospital. The participants included approximately 100 Veterans (45 wheelchairs and staff) who came to the Doherty Auditorium for ice cream and cookies. While enjoying the ice cream and cookies, they watched the Salty Dog Square Dancers (several Veterans participated in square dancing) and received small American flags.
Mr. Chorlog, realizing that many Veterans could not attend because of being in bed, sent an ice cream cart upstairs and served approximately 150 vets, who were bedridden. A good time was had by all and the ice cream and cookies disappeared at partys end.
After the Ice Cream Party was over, Mr. Chorlog said: I want to thank all of the Elks on my committee who assisted and made this event a memorable one. It was the first time for us on this type of an affair. I believe it was a huge success and enjoyed by all. I would also like to thank the Vets for allowing us to have the Ice Cream Party at their facilities. With their permission, well be back. We are now planning the annual Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinner. We all look forward to seeing you Veterans then.

Blood Drive Results
On the late afternoon of August 19th, our Lodge had another successful Blood Drive. Twenty one dedicated donors came, however five were not accepted. We are appreciative of all who came. The following were donors:
Rudy Ros
Mark Wilson
Raymond Arthur
Ronald Smith
Bruce Bates
Nick Lamis
Edna J. Camacho
Bert Stainton
Len Gurick
Phil Clark
Paul Shepard
John Castro
Mary Anne Weinstein
Glenna Carroll
Virginia Goodson
Felix Sensale
Well done and we thank you. This is truly an act of brotherly love.
If you have any question or need information for our next drive in October, please call Mary Ann Weinstein or Glenna Carroll.
Thank you again!

On regular Wednesday meeting nights, we have a drawing at the end of each session. If you are present and your membership number is drawn, you win. On August 6th, the number drawn was that of Philip Ludovici; on August 13th, the name of Jose R. Blanco was drawn; on August 20th, Norman Dreeses name was drawn. Neither were present.
The pot is presently in excess of $280.00. This is a gentle way of saying, please come to meetings.
Tommy Palma, P.E.R. and PSVP

(The Penny Jar)

The penny jar still is available. It is located in the Lounge at our Elks Lodge No. 948. We collect pennies for The Community Habilitation Center, 1450 SW 79th Street, Miami.
You ask, Why? Because Patty Hartnett is a member there and both she and her Mom Isabelle are Elkettes. They need equipment for their gym and we are still going to help them get it.
If you have pennies, please donate them to a good cause. Bring them to the lodge and put them in the jar. They will be appreciated! Many have been donated already.
Thank you again!
The Hartnetts

A Mission of Benevolence
Fellow members, if you have been coming to the meetings you have heard both the Esteemed Lecturing Knight and myself, ask for your participation in the Elk charity funds. Both the Elks National Foundation and the Harry-Anna Trust Fund support our mission of benevolence. Both should be fully supported by each and every member of this lodge. It is not a choice of which one you should participate, you should participate in both.
This year the Elks National Foundation will award 500 four-year scholarships to the highest rated boys and girls in the 2004 contest. Any high school senior who is a citizen of the United States is eligible to apply. The first-place boy and girl each receive a $60,000 four-year scholarship. The second-place boy and girl each receive a $40,000 four-year scholarship, and the third-place boy and girl each receive a $20,000 four-year scholarship. The remaining 494 four-year scholarships are $4,000 each. In addition, 500 legacy scholarships are available to the children and grandchildren of Elks. These awards are $1,000 per year.
These scholarships are only part of the Elks National Foundation function. During the 2002-03 Lodge year, the Elks of Florida donated $325,985.94 to the Elks National Foundation. This year, the Foundation will give back the following:
A Florida State Charities Grant of $176,900.00, and a bonus grant of $94,150. The bulk of this grant will go toward Floridas major charitable project (Florida Elks Youth Camp and Therapy Program). Portions will be used to fund your state Drug Awareness, Hoop Shoot and Soccer Shoot programs.
A special Projects Grant of $88,400.00. The ENF Board has authorized Florida to use this grant to enhance its educational programs, as well as other charitable and philanthropic programs.
A total of at least $100,000.00 in Most Valuable Student scholarships to 25 high school seniors from Florida, and additionally, they will award 22 Legacy scholarships-a total of $22,000.00-to children and grandchildren of Elks who have been members for at least two years.
Thats a total grant to the Florida State Association of at least $481,450.00.
Fraternally yours,
Richard White, Esteemed Loyal Knight, and ENF Lodge Chair

The jolt that shook the world!
Can it possibly be that two years have passed since that Tuesday morning, September 11th, 2001 when more than 3,000 Americans went off to work and never returned home; when conniving minds, set on destruction, emerged and changed the lives of millions and cost billions for the whole world.
One thing it most assuredly did was make us more grateful, be more appreciative of our fellowman, and be prouder than ever before to be Americans.
Edna J. Camacho

God Bless America
God Bless America, familiar to all and sung by most of us, is a popular patriotic song of the United States. Irving Berlin composed this song for his army show Yip, Yip, Yaphank* (1918), but he did not use or publish it until 1938. The song immediately became popular.
*(this question was asked recently on Who Wants to be a Millionaire) The contestant did not know the answer.

In honor of working people, Labor Day is celebrated throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada the first Monday in September. Labor organizations sponsor various celebrations, but for most people, it is a day for families with recreation, picnics and rest. It also symbolizes the end of summer. In Australia, Labor Day is called Eight Hour Day, and commemorates the successful struggle for a shorter working day.
Two men have been credited with suggesting a holiday to honor working people in the United States: Matthew Maguire, a machinist from Paterson, New Jersey, and Peter McGuire, a New York City carpenter who helped found the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners. In 1887, Oregon became the first state to make Labor Day a legal holiday. President Grover Cleveland signed a bill in 1894 making Labor Day a national holiday.
Note: Information taken in part from World Book Encyclopedia

Every Saturday morning at 7:30, we come to the Lodge, as volunteers, and work on our extensive grounds. Theres something to do for everyone who can contribute a few hours. We are proud that our areas are maintained in such a fine and well-kept condition. Thanks to all of you. Please come.
Paul Shepard