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July 2003


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Vol. XV, No. IV
Donald Schwartz, E.R.

Miami Elks Lodge 948

Our Florida State Elks Association held its ninety-seventh annual convention in Kissimmee, Florida, on May 21st through the 25th. There were over 400 delegates at the convention to hear reports and status of our association. We also had the responsibility of electing our new officers for this year.
Our new State President is Mike Phillips from the Titusville lodge and his VPAL is Frank Palladini from Tampa. They will be visiting our lodge in August and I know we can look forward to a warm and friendly greeting from our lodge members.
A special congratulation goes to our own Al Reker (PER). Al has been elected as the South District Vice President. We are all very proud of our Elkettes at the convention. They presented checks for over $6,000.00 to our Childrens Therapy Services and our Youth Camp. These are the major projects of the Florida Elks Association.
Our lodge ritual team competed in the State contest, and although we did not win the event, we did have a fine showing. Our Inner Guard, Jeff Muehlfeld, finished second in the state and received a plaque at the Presidents dinner on Saturday night. Shaun Young, our Chaplain, finished fourth in his category. As you can tell, we have the potential of doing even better next year and we will be working to improve. A special thank you to all of our coaches for helping us prepare for the contest.
The most disturbing news of the convention was delivered by Robert Grafton, Past Grand Exalted Ruler. In his report, he stated that in the State of Florida, we have 119 lodges with 73,567 members, but in the past year our membership loss was about 700 members. We must give every effort to reverse this trend. Our association depends on new membership, and we must all work to achieve this goal. Our Lodge No. 948 had a gain in membership last year, but we cannot be satisfied. Our goal for this year is to have over 100 new members. We will need all of your help and efforts if we are to achieve this standard.
Finally, I will not be able to be with you during our Fourth of July picnic, because I will be on my way to St. Louis, Missouri, to attend the Grand Lodge Convention. However, my thoughts and well wishes are with you and your families. Enjoy the festivities and stay well.
Donald Schwartz, Exalted Ruler

The Flag Day Service at Poolside was very impressive, thanks to our Officers and Boy Scout Troop 22. This was followed by a fish fry. Our volunteer cooks, Felix Sensale, Britt Parker and Larry Myers did a super job. There was plenty of food and generous portions were served. The Elkettes had their usual assortment of delicious desserts.
The weather refused to cooperate for the Tom Rhodes show. Regardless of the down-pour, we had a good turnout. Tom sang Sinatra favorites and Rich and Carol provided music for dancing.
Our next dance band will be the Earthshines on July 19th from 7:30 to 11:30 pm in the Ball Room. They play all kinds of music. Tickets will be $10.00 per person. See details on Page 8.
The first Pool Party for children under the direction of Dirk Noyes was well attended, considering the threatening sky that held out until 3:00 oclock. We had 12 children attending some for the first time; others renewing their friendship from last year and making new friends. These are our future Elks. Dirk did a great job keeping an eye on the children. Of course, he also had parents and grandparents as assistants if needed. The next Pool Party will be July 13th. Be sure and bring the children.
Mark your calendar for another Cruise to No Where on August 10th. This will be on a different ship called the St. Tropez out of Fort Lauderdale. On August 16th we will have Italian Night in the Ball Room with music by the Mystiques. On August 17th, Bowling for Charity at Don Carter Lanes. Watch for details.
We are looking for ideas for events to interest our members. We realize we cannot please everyone all the time, but try to have a variety of events hoping there will be something to interest you. We try to coordinate our affairs with the House Committee, Elkettes, Yard Crew and Lodge sponsored events. However, regardless of the event you see the same faces supporting and volunteering their services. Dont wait to be asked volunteer. We need volunteers for Officer of the Day, Dining Room Hostesses, Food Servers and cooks for Poolside events. Set up tables and chairs for Ball Room affairs, Clean-up Crew and the Yard Crew. Come to our next meeting Tuesday, July 15th, 7:30 pm. We need your help. Be a volunteer.
Respectfully submitted,
Ella Mae Shroyer, Committee Chair

Umatilla, Florida 2003 Summer Camp

On Saturday, July 12th, there will be a meeting at our Miami Elks Lodge No. 948 for all campers and parents. Please come! Lunch will be served.
Pat Howard


We at Miami Elks Lodge No. 948 have a new Vice President for the South District in our midst and the word to describe this situation is proud.
Al Reker was born in the small farming community of Grand Pass, Missouri. He grew up on the farm, graduated from high school and attended the University of Missouri for one year. He then enlisted in the Air Force, serving four years as crew chief on a B-47. During his Air Force career, he met and married Barbara Waldron, a native Floridian. They have two sons, Steve and Tim, and four grandchildren.
Al graduated from the University of Miami and worked in banking and finance during his professional career. He retired in 1990. He has served as a deacon and Sunday School Director in his church for many years.
A friend invited Al to join the Elks in 1995, and the rest is history. He served in all the chairs, becoming Exalted Ruler in 1999. He has been president of the PERS for three years, works on the yard crew, served as chairman of the budget committee, worked on the house committee, is presently a trustee, and was State vice-chairman of Americanism in 2002-2003.
Al's major interests are his family, his church, and the Elks.

By: Glen Rust, State Vice Chairman

I am proud to have been appointed State Vice Chairman for Elks National Foundation Certificated at our Convention in Kissimmee this past May. I look forward to be working with Chairman Dan Tabor this year to make our States contribution to the National Foundation as meaningful as it has been in the past.
The National Foundation provides the funding for our Drug awareness programs, Scholarships, Veterans activities, Hoop Shoot and Soccer Shoot Programs, Youth Sports and Scouting Programs, the National Home in Bedford Virginia and the Elks Memorial Building in Chicago.
Were very proud of all of those programs, but just as significant to us is the payment that our State Association receives each year from the Foundation to help in the support of our Major State projects. Last year we received almost a dollar and a half ($l.456) for every dollar in new money donated by way of ENF certificates. Thats a pretty good return on our money. Last year Florida Elks and their Ladies contributed $311,758 to the Foundation and we got back $453,920 to support our Grand Lodge Programs and to help with the expenses of the Therapy Service and the Youth Camp.
That money is vital in allowing us to continue with the programs that we so successfully carried out in past years and to help ease the budgetary stress on our State Youth Camp and Therapy Service caused by the current economic climate. Please promote the sale of National Foundation Certificates to our members and perhaps dedicate a special fund raising activity for that cause.
Thank you all for your help and continued support.
Glen Rust, State Vice Chairman
National Foundation Certificates

Help us kick off the Elks National Foundation Drive 2003-2004 by supporting our raffle. The drawing for the beautiful basket pictured will be held during our July 4th festivities. Tickets are $1.00 each of 6 tickets for $5.00. Tickets may be purchased in the lounge or from Mary Rust or myself.
Richard White, ENF Lodge Chairman

It is requested by Donald H. Schwartz, Exalted Ruler, that anything published in the print media be submitted through Edna J. Camacho The 948 Reporter Editor and Publicity and Public Relations Chairperson.

We tell you each issue about a Pot of Gold. We tell you that if you are at regular Wednesday night meetings and your number is drawn, you win the pot. Last week Robert L. Miller was not here, his name was drawn; he would have won $250.00. This week, June 18th, the winner was Hilary Hose. Its something to think about! Isnt it?
Tommy Palma, P.E.R. and PSVP

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Come one come all. There will be a meeting of the Charity Ball Committee on Tuesday, July 15th at 7:00 pm in the Lodge.
Help is needed for ticket sales, ad sales program decorations and in general H E L P. Were looking for experienced help and new recruits with new ideas to work together to make this another successful Charity Ball to support our Major Projects.
The Ball is scheduled for November 1st, 2003. Its time to start planning this grand function.
Looking forward to a good turnout. Mark your calendars for July 15th and please come.
Mary Rust, Leading Knight
Charity Ball Chairperson

On the evening of June 4th, a Miami Elks Lodge Advisory Committee meeting was held in our Lodge Conference Room.
This meeting is called to order by Donald H. Schwartz, our Exalted Ruler. It was comprised of our Exalted Ruler; our Elkettes President, Marie Grime; our House Committee Chairperson, Ginger DiCristafaro; our Activities Committee Chairperson, Ella Mae Shroyer; and the editor of The 948 Reporter, Edna J. Camacho. It is constructive where ideas are shared; where grievances are aired; where a stronger union is formed with one purpose is mind: to make our Lodge an even better place and to have our operation perform even smoother.
Thank you, Mr. Exalted Ruler!

Our football season rapidly approaches. Our Charity Pools for the sixteen Miami Dolphin Games plus the Super Bowl are in process, but less than thirty squares remain. For information, please call George.

By: Marie Grime

Not me. Im absolutely terrified of it!
On the last cleanup day, four of us were busy scrubbing the two posts in the lounge. The posts were so scarred and the paint so old that a layer came off with the marks, but the posts still looked better, cleaner than before. My friend Neva said, All it takes is a little elbow grease. But my elbows, I said, have less grease than most.
The Boy Scouts and their adult volunteers had a conflict on Cleanup No. 2, a big camp-out upstate. Without them, nine hard-working bodies, I was frankly pessimistic about getting much done. Silly me!
Joyce, the Clean-Up Chairman, knew better and she told me so. Joyce and I have known one another, even worked together, for a decade and a half. She knows I can write or type virtually anything, but she had no illusion as to my productivity in manual labor. However, a few new additions to the cleanup squad were so good they greatly made up for my shortcomings.
As much as Danny loves bagels and cream cheese, we could hardly get him down off the ladder from cleaning stained air conditioning grills, not until he had cleaned an entire section the width of the bar. Later, when we finally broke for lunch, we had a difficult time convincing him to stop and eat his sandwich.
Neva had arrived before me with her granddaughter in tow, and the poor child was working so hard cleaning windows that it was an hour or so before we got the chance to say hello.
The end result:
- All windows and window frames were scrubbed, those overlooking the pool from both the front and the back of the building.
- The double ceiling soffits were dusted the entire perimeter of the bar.
- All the air conditioning grillwork, front and back, from the width of the bar and in the hallway between the lounge and dining room.
- Both interior posts were cleaned of all but the deepest scars. (These will need to be painted, but they already needed painting before we got to them.)
- Ceiling grill work and fire sprinklers in the lounge, game room, and hall.
Our next cleanup day will be Saturday, July 12th. Times are 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. As usual well feed you a Continental breakfast and lunch if you come and work.
Dont worry if, like me, youre afraid of hard work. The group effort is the important thing. If our handful of cleaners can get that much done, just imagine what we could accomplish with you there!

On June 14th, at Poolside, a special tribute was paid to our American Flag. In charge were our Exalted Ruler, Donald H. Schwartz, and his staff of Officers and our local Boy Scout Troup No. 22 under the leadership of Ronald E. Snyder. The Troop gave the history of our flag: very impressive, very American, and very well done by all. A special tribute was given in honor of our departed brother, Roger S. Wheeler, who always participated in and enjoyed this presentation.


(Those spare ones that accumulate in a drawer just waiting to be wrapped one day)
In our Lounge at Miami Elks Lodge No. 948 is a big tall plastic jar. We collect pennies for:
The Community Habilitation Center at 11450 SW 79th Street in Miami.
Why: (1) Patricia Hartnett (Patty) is a member there and both she and her Mom Isabelle are Elkettes. (2) They need equipment for their gym and were going to help them get it.
If you have pennies, please donate them to a good cause. Bring them and put them in the jar. They will be appreciated!
Elks do care and Elks do share!

The New Black Book
Theres a proposal for a new committee in honor of our departed members. A new black book has already been purchased: obituaries, news clippings, pictures, or obituary information that you would like to submit about our departed members will be welcome and entered into the black book.
Its a fine idea and solely is the idea of our own Nathanial Barone, PDDGER, and 5th Year Trustee.
Its his idea, but did he agree to be Chairman of this Committee? No, he did not; however he appointed his good friend and our new Elk member, Maxwell Graves, who will do a fine job.
If you have information to enter in this book of record, please contact Maxwell at the above number.

On the evening of May 14th, the Elkettes of Miami 948 hosted a dinner for the scholarship recipients and their families at the Elks Lodge.
Following dinner, they were escorted to the Elks meeting room by Esquire Jeffrey Muehlfeld who introduced them to Mr. Donald Schwartz, Exalted Ruler, and the Elks members present.
Barbara Reker, scholarship chairperson for the Elkettes spoke concerning their qualifications and aspirations leading to their being awarded the scholarships.
Rebecca Villate is an 18 year old young lady who is currently attending Coral Reef High School and maintains a GPA of 3.57. Her teachers speak highly of her. Among her accomplishments are her membership in the National Honor Society, Music Club, Spanish Heritage, Women of Tomorrow and others. Her volunteer hours total over 152. Although Rebecca has had a profound hearing loss since early childhood, she has overcome the disability and has earned many music awards as a pianist. Her father is disabled and unable to work so the scholarship is vital to her being able to attend college which will either be the University of Miami School of Music or Florida State University.
Christopher Bennett is also 18 years old and currently attending Coral Reef High School where he maintains a GPA of 3.58. Among Chris memberships are National Honor Society in English, Science, Math and Spanish. He also belongs to Technology Student Association, Future Business Leaders of American, Junior Red Cross, Astronomy Club, Big Buddies, Photography Club, International Baccalaureate Club and is on the yearbook staff, (placing first in the State). Chris has won several photo awards, including third place when competing against professional photographers. In planning for a college education, Chris started an E-Commerce business in his freshman year and has continued it throughout his high school career. He has earned a full scholarship from the University of Pennsylvania and will use the Elkette scholarship towards books and other academic supplies. His parents will be unable to help Chris in his bid for college. Recently Chris was runner-up for the Silver Knight Award.
Respectfully submitted,
Mickey Rauch, Past President of he Elkettes

Pursuant to GL Statute 16.050, a building addition is proposed to the existing structure on the west side toward the north end. The purpose of the addition is to provide additional storage space in the amount of 330 square feet.
Total cost of the project is not to exceed $30,000.00 budgeted as follows:
Westley Co. Bid - $23,882.00 (Construction)
James D. Marks Assoc., Inc. - $2,800.00 (Plans and engineering fees)
Miami-Dade County - $1900.00 (Permits and fees)
Contingencies - $1,418.00
No indebtedness shall be created by this proposal and the Lodge Trustees shall be authorized to act for the Lodge.
Balloting on the proposal will be at regular Lodge meeting on July 16th, 2003.

The Life Savers
On the evening of June 10, twenty-two kind soles came to our Lodge in the spirit of brotherly love to donate blood. Three were unable to donate; however the following nineteen did donate and received a free spaghetti dinner:
Ruby Ros
Glenna Carroll
Raymond Arthur
Paul Shepard
William Donnay
Mary Rust
Virginia Goodson
Rein Redick
David McCoy
David Grime
Mark Wilson
Edna J. Camacho
Pam Stainton
Michael Marchi
Hubert Stainton
Leonard Gurick
Bruce H. Bates
Terry Avick
John Castro
Our next drive will be August 19th. We thank you and the recipients definitely thank you.
Elks Care Elks Share, dont they?
Mary Anne Weinstein
Glenna Carroll

Every Saturday morning, we gather at the Lodge at 7:30 am to work on our grounds. Theres something for everyone. If you can share a Saturday morning even once in a while, it will be appreciated. We thank you.
Paul Shepard

Happy Hour continues in the month of July. Happy Hour consists of a quarter reduction on draft beer and well drinks. There is also food on our lounge entrance table. Happy Hour prices are in effect all day Monday and from 4:00 to 7:00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Come in and enjoy your Club.
The Lounge continues to open at 12:00 noon on Mondays. The pool is available for your use. You are reminded that children must be accompanied by an adult and no food or drink should be brought on the premises.
The Lounge opens at 1:00 pm on Sundays and stays open until 7:00 pm. The trenches are available during Brunch time.
July will mark the return of our popular Christmas in July Buffet. Thursday, July 24th will be the night be sure and make your reservations.
Ginger DiCristafaro, House Chair

Its been a while since we asked you, but we are always in need of books for our hospitalized veterans. When we dont ask, our supply slacks off.
Please check your shelves and if there are books or magazines that you have read, enjoyed, and would make someone happy, please bring them to the Lodge deposit in the Lobby.
Another item that is enjoyed by our veterans are jigsaw puzzles.
We thank you as always.
John W. Chorlog
National Veterans Services