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May 2003


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Vol. XV, No. II
Donald Schwartz, E.R.

Miami Elks Lodge 948

We are one month into our new administration and I have much to report to you. Our budget committee headed by Al Reker, with members Phil Cunio, Nat Barone, Larry E. Myers, Glen Rust, George Moro, and Mary Rust met on two occasions and prepared our budget for 2003-2004. Their meetings produced a healthy exchange of ideas. The final result was presented, on the floor, to the members on April 2, 2003, and was approved. We thank the committee for their hard work.
At the last regular meeting in March, we had a wonderful ceremony installing our new officers. I offer my congratulations to each of them. Along with memorizing their new parts, each has been given major responsibilities for the coming year.
Mary Rust, Leading Knight: Charity Ball and Community and Social Welfare
Richard White, Loyal Knight: Childrens Holiday Program, National Foundation, Ritual Coach
Shaun Young, Leading Knight: Harry Anna Trust Fund, Mothers Day Ceremony
Jeff Muehlfeld, Lodge Esquire: Golf Tournament, Preparation of all rituals
Glenna Carroll, Chaplain: Blood Drive, Assist in Funeral Services, Memorial Day, Mothers Day
Arthur Rauch, Tiler: Communications Committee, In-house Graphics, Elks Memorial Day Service
Nick Lamis, Inner Guard: Assist in Memorial Day Service
As you can see, these Elks have a lot on their plate and will be asking you for your support. I know we can count on your help.
Our new officers had their first opening and closing on meeting night, April 2nd. Although we were not perfect, but with continued practice and the help of our coaches, we will get better. Speaking of practice, our last year office holders continue to practice each week to prepare for the State Ritual Contest in May. Our lodge won the district contest and we will represent our Lodge 948 in Orlando.
Our Elkettes, headed by Marie Grime, and our Activities Committee, headed by Ella Mae Shroyer are planning many wonderful and exciting activities for you here at the lodge. I hope you will come and enjoy each and every one of these events.
In closing, let me say thank you to all of you who have made this transition a good one. We are still in need of somebody taking the responsibility of our soccer shoot and our hoop shoot contest. If you can do either of these assignments, please let me know as soon as possible.
Until the next time my very best wishes to you and your family and have a wonderful and healthy month.
Donald Schwartz, Exalted Ruler

We are proud to announce that our Committee contributed $8,802.00 to the Elks Charity Fund plus an additional $2,785.00 to the House Committee events during the past year. This does not include the Golf and Bowling events. Thanks to the volunteers and members who participated in these events.
Although it was a House Committee event, I want to thank Britt Parker and Charlie Erwin for the delicious ribs and chicken and the volunteers who helped serve at the April 5th barbecue. Steve McGrath entertained with country music and the dance floor was full all evening.
We hope everyone read and saved the Annual Calendar of Events for the Year on Page 4 of the April 948 Reporter and marked the dates of their favorite activity on your calendar. There is something for everyone. Please make the following changes or additions. Fathers Day Fish Fry has been changed from Sunday, June 15th to Saturday, June 14th following the Flag Day Ceremony at Poolside. August 16th will be Italian Night in the ballroom with music by the Mystiques and November 15th will be a Country Western dance with music by Jim Houck.
Monday, May 5th we will celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the Lounge from 2:00 pm until ??? Specials at the bar will be Margaritas and Corona Beer at $2.00. There will be FREE tacos while they last.
The famous Fabulons will be here May 10th in the Ballroom. This is a terrific dance band and always a sellout. There will be no tickets sold at the door. Tickets are $15.00 per person available from Helen Everett and Ella Mae Shroyer. There will be dinner specials in the dining room by reservation, call (305) 270-8185 or (305) 270-8184.
There will be another Cruise to No Where Sunday, May 18th. It will be $15.00 per person. Buses will leave the Lodge at 10:15 am. Space is limited, so get your tickets early from Mike Myers, Helen Everett, Ella Mae Shroyer or the bartender in the Lounge.
Saturday, June 14th is Flag Day. The Boy Scouts will have their annual Flag Day Ceremony at 1:00 at Poolside. They always do a terrific job. This will be followed by a Fish Fry from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Tickets for the Fish Fry will be $8.00 purchased in advance or $12.00 at the door.
Thank you members for your fine support and participation.
Ella Mae Shroyer,
Lodge Activities Chair

Miami Elks Lodge No. 948
Cinderella may have had princesses, a fairy godmother, converted pumpkins, and a prince somewhere, but she had nothing on us.
On the evening of Saturday, March 29th, our Miami Elks Lodge No. 948 had its Inaugural Ball and was it plush! Our prince, was our new Exalted Ruler, Donald Schwartz and his princess was his wife Shirley. Did we have Knights? You bet we did! Esteemed Lecturing Knight in the form of J. Shaun Young. Esteemed Loyal Knight was Richard White and our Esteemed Leading Knight, the beautiful Mary Rust. To complete the Order was our own Larry E. Myers, P.E.R. as Secretary; James E. Murray, P.E.R. as Treasurer; Jeffrey Muehlfeld as Esquire; Art Rauch, Tiler; Glenna Carroll as Chaplain and Nicholas Lamis as Inner Guard.
Special Awards were a highlight of the occasion: To Sheila Dowd: Outstanding Officer of the Year from the Activities Committee and the Yard Crew for her support throughout her reign. From the Lodge: to Ella Mae Shroyer: Elk of the Year for outstanding work as Activities Committee Chair; to John Chorlog: Citizen of the Year for his untiring efforts on behalf of the U.S. Veterans; and to Larry E. Myers, Secretary of the Year. Well done! Theyve all done a terrific job.
An absolutely delicious dinner was served: a choice of either prime rib or baked salmon and dancing to the pleasant music of the Swingables went on until past midnight. Midnight came and went. Nothing got changed back into pumpkins and no glass slippers were detected. All our officers are intact to do a terrific job for the coming year. We congratulate all of you and you have our blessing for a successful year.

On Tuesday evening, April 8th, we had a fine turnout for our Blood Drive. We are very proud and so should each of you be, because 25 came to donate, and 21 were accepted and received a spaghetti dinner as a token of appreciation from our Lodge. These are dedicated donors who come; not because they have to, but because they want to and they continue to come back each drive. We thank you!
A fine staff of professionals greeted and performed their duties. The whole procedure was quick and painless. The donors were:
William J. Donnay
David E. Grime
Leonard E. Gurick
Robert Schanzle
David C. McCoy
Janet Schanzle
Bruce H. Bates
Rein Redick
Virginia Goodson
Paul P. Nemeth
Pam Stainton
Judy Nemeth
Robert A. Sorensen
Donald M. Connor
Raymond Arthur
Thomas N. Zannis
Joseph P. Farls
Michael Marchi
Mark Wilson
Mary Anne Weinstein
Edna J. Camacho
A fine contribution. We each hope that the recipients will be helped and lives will be saved by our caring. Every blood donor is eligible to receive blood, whenever you need it, free of charge.
It is with sadness that a fine silent worker to this humanitarian cause, Joan Kingsley, has become disabled and temporarily has to forego her duties. Shes in our prayers and we wish her a speedy recovery and return.
Thank you again!
Mary Anne Weinstein
Glenna Carroll

Our final day of bowling for this season will be on June 8th at AMF Pines at 1940 South University Drive and the host lodge that day will be North Miami Lodge.
Mark you calendars:
Saturday, June 28 th, 5:30 pm
North Miami Elks Lodge
End of Season Bowling Banquet
All bowlers: Banquet paid
Guests: pay minimal charge* (not determined at this time)
Its been a fine season with eight mens teams and eight ladies teams.
Our bowling league travels throughout Broward and Miami-Dade counties and bowls usually one Sunday at 1:00 pm each month.
If you are a new member of the Elks and are an interested bowler, our season will start in the fall about the first days of September. Its a fun way to meet new friends and get to know members in other Elks Lodges in our Area.
Our prize funds at the end of each season go to our Elks Charities and that is what the Order of Elks is all about.
This is a fun league and thats just what we have.
If interested, wed love to have you.
Please contact:
John Cech, League Secretary
Skeet Robinson, P.E.R. and League Treasurer

Every Saturday morning, we gather here at the Lodge at 7:30 am. Our grounds are big, but we are organized and the best job we can do is done. If you can come and help, it will be appreciated and there is something to do for everyone. Please come! We thank you.
Paul Shepard

We would like to alert you to some changes in our Buffet Schedule. During the month of May, we will only have Buffets the 15th and the 29th. On the 15th we will have our very popular Prime Rib Buffet, which will remain at $9.95 for one trip through the line. If you want to go for seconds, it will cost you $12.95. We ask that you make reservations for this Buffet by calling the Club between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm or tell your server.
On May 29th, we will have the Sea Food Buffet. This is also a very popular Buffet. On the other Thursday evenings, we will have the regular menu that we have on Fridays.
On Mothers Day, there will only be the regular Breakfast Brunch. It will be held in the Dining Room from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at the regular prices.
We are working hard to make this a successful year and ask for your encouragement by your participation.
Our sincere appreciation to you!
Ginger DiCristafaro
House Committee Chair

Since the inception of our golden brick walkway, we have turned in to the Lodge a net amount of $5,390.00.
A limited amount of bricks remain. Once they are sold, there wont be anymore. Please consider purchasing a brick in your name, family name or in memory of a loved one. The cost of each brick is $50.00 and entitles you to three lines. Its a fine way to be a part of the history of your Lodge and to know that you are going to be walked on daily.
James W. Murray, P.E.R.

My sincere thanks goes to Sheila Dowd, P.E.R., for presenting me with the honor of Elk of the Year.
I was shocked in that I did not think I had done anymore to help Elkdom this year than I had in the past.
I am deeply proud, because I truly feel this is the greatest honor a non-officer can receive. Thank you Sheila and our Lodge.
Ella Mae Shroyer

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