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April 2003


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Vol. XV, No. I
Donald Schwartz, E.R.

Miami Elks Lodge 948

Dear Members:
I am writing to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your Exalted Ruler for 2003-2004. I look forward to continuing the traditions of our lodge, of working for the many charities we support, for helping children and those in need, and at the same time providing enjoyable activities for you our members.
During the course of the year, I am sure I will be required to make many decisions. Some of these decisions will meet with your approval and some will not. However, rest assured that every decision I make will be made with what I consider to be in the best interest of Miami Lodge No. 948.
As I am sure you realize a person charged with making decisions must rely on getting all the facts and points of view as possible and using their own experiences before reaching a conclusion. Therefore, it is important for you to know a little about my background. Miami-Dade County has been my home for over 60 years. I was a student at Shenandoah Elementary, Shenandoah Jr. High and a graduate of Miami Senior High. My parents were not wealthy and had a home on what was then the outskirts of Miami. As a child, to earn money to help my family, I sold cokes in the Orange Bowl (it was the only way I could see the games), delivered papers for the Miami News, and worked as a bagboy at Food Fair groceries.
I attended and graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Business Administration. I went on to get a Masters Degree in School Administration from the University of Miami and a Specialist degree in Reading from Nova University.
I was proud to wear the uniform of my country as a member of the United States Air Force. I was a classroom teacher for 18 years and a building Administrator for 14 years in the Dade County School System. I retired as a school principal and I am still working as an adjunct Professor at Florida International University.
During the next 12 months I hope to get to know you a little better and I hope each of you will join with me in making this an enjoyable and successful year for our lodge. Finally, to paraphrase the 35th President of the United Statesask not what our lodge can do for you, ask what you can do for our lodge.
My very best wishes to you and your families.
Donald Schwartz, Exalted Ruler

It is time to say goodbye to our Exalted Ruler, Sheila Dowd. It has been a pleasure working with her and she has supported our committee all year. I know she will continue to support our new activities group.
We welcome our new Exalted Ruler, Don Schwartz and all of the new Officers. Don has outlined his goals for the coming year and they are high; however, with the support of the Officers, Committees, Elkettes and members, we will make every effort to meet his goals.
We are pleased to have two more members join our group: Britt Parker and Frank Makowski. Frank is an avid fan of country music and is planning for events in the lounge and ballroom. Britt and his friend Charles Erwin will be cooking the ribs and chicken for the April 5th barbecue. Tickets will be $10.00 purchased in advance and $15.00 purchased at the door. There will be hot dogs for the children at $3.00 each. Steve McGraft will entertain us with country music. The Elkettes will have their famous desserts for $1.00. Tickets are available at the bar or see Helen Everett or Ella Mae Shroyer.
The Riverside Jazz group provided terrific music and entertainment as each musician was a star in his own way. The dance floor was full until the last dance. We are proud, not only of this event, but all events during our past year that added funds to our always important Elks Charity Fund.
Elsewhere in the bulletin is a complete list of Scheduled Events for the entire year. We thank our Committee for their dedication and thank you, our members, for making it all a success.
Respectfully submitted,
Ella Mae Shroyer


On occasion, along comes something described as flawlesslike a diamond, a work of art, a special personin no way marred by defects. This time, the flawlessness came in the form of the installation of our new Elks Officers on the evening of Wednesday, March 19th. The unofficial count was more than 200 delicious dinners were served in 37 minutes in our Elks Ball Room.
The entire group of members, visiting Elks and friends moved to our upstairs Meeting Room where Elk dignitaries reigned for the next hour and a half. They were: Joseph Bucks, PDDGER; Philip Ferrari, PSVP; James Cox, PDDGER; Harold Grady, Jr., PDDGER; Harold Magnus, PDDGER. Especially proud we were of our very own: Officiating George Moro, PDDGER; Del Butcher, P.E.R.; Tommy Palma, P.E.R. and PSVP; Al Reker, P.E.R.; Glen D. Rust, PDDGER and current State Chaplain and visiting Steve Pristas, P.E.R., from up-state.
Our Lodge is extremely proud of our new group of incoming Officers who were presented with the Lodge jewels by all of the above. They are young, vibrant, and ready to do the job for 2003-2004. We are especially proud of our new Exalted Ruler, Donald Schwartz. When his goals are reached, we will have had a tremendous year. At the sound (and size) of the gavel that I saw presented to him, every Elk within range should and better pay strict attention.
We congratulate all of you!
Edna J. Camacho
The 948 Reporter

Bon Voyage!
A very special group of well-wishers gathered at noontime of Sunday, March 23rd, to express good wishes to Andrew Sipos, Jr., P.E.R., and his wife Marianne, who are moving up-state in the near future. Andy made an impact here, as he most likely does wherever he goes, with his just do it attitude. We wish them well with good health and happiness. They will be missed. Oh! We forgot to ask if they are going by land or by sea.

A Note of Thanks!
By: Joe Young

A note of thanks to all of the House Committee members for their time and efforts this past year.
I also want to thank Exalted Ruler Sheila Dowd for her patience and support through some very difficult financial times. Hopefully the price increases we were forced to apply are more in line with the increased costs we endured.
A special thanks to Charlie Roberson for his help and support. He is a true gentleman and decision maker.
I had the pleasure of working with a lot of good people last year. Executive Chef David Bazo and Lounge Manager Maria Subires are two of the hardest working people I know. I hope the members appreciate them. Thanks to Tony Diego and Gina Mazzoli. When there was an emergency or I wasnt available. Thanks to the folks who always have a smile and a friendly hello. George and Edna, Felix Sensale, Helen Everett, Mary and Glen Rust, Ricky and Don Noyes, Ed Steppe and my mentor Andy Sipos.
I know there are many great Elks, but these people are role models when it comes to positive attitudes.
Finally, thanks to my wife: understanding, supportive, caring and who is very happy this year is over!

An article in the Miami Herald this week informs us that our blood supply faces a dire shortage. Blood plays such a vital role for surgery, chemotherapy and treatment of trauma patients. Lets exercise our brotherly love principle of Elkdom and come and donate to a worthy cause.
Mark your calendars for April 8th, Tuesday evening from 4:00 to 9:00 pm in our South Ball Room. You are received and treated warmly by expert technicians. Its painless and most assuredly helps your fellowman. On a normal donation, it takes about thirty to thirty-five minutes. In addition to the above date, our Lodge is scheduled for four more Blood Drives during this year of 2003.
They are:
June 10th
August 19th
October 21st
December 16th
In recognition of your kindness, all those blood donors are given a free spaghetti dinner with all the trimmings.
Joan Kingsley

Each month the space becomes less and less on our lodge entrance walkway as additional bricks are purchased. Once they are gone, there wont be any more. Now the time is right for you to purchase your brick and honor a friend, your family or a cause. Each golden brick is at a cost to you of $50.00 and entitles you up to three lines. This fee will go to in-lodge projects and charitable endeavors. Take a look at the large amount that have been purchased already. An application is either in this bulletin or in the lobby. Let your name go down in our Elks Lodge No. 948 history.
James W. Murray, P.E.R. and Lodge Treasurer

April 1, 2003 to March 31,2004

April 05 - BBQ Poolside Lodge Activities
April 19 - Elkette Installation Ball Room
April 20 - Easter Buffet
May 04 - Elkette Jewelry Show Ball Room
May 05 - Cinco de Mayo Lounge House Cm.
May 10 - FabulonsBall Room Lodge Activities
May 11 - Mothers Day Buffet
May 18 - SunCruz Nowhere Lodge Activities
May 21 24 - Elks State Convention
May 26 - Memorial Day Pool Side
June 15 - Elkette Fathers Day Fish Fry Pool
June 21 - Tom Rhodes Show- Lodge Activities
July 04 - Picnic
July 06/09 - Elks National Convention
July 19 - Earthshines Ball Room Lodge Act.
August 02 - Elkettes Book Review Luncheon
August 10 - SunCruz to Nowhere Lodge Act.
August 16 - Lodge Activities
August 17 - Charity Bowling
August 23 - State Presidents Visit
Sept. 01 - Labor Day Picnic
Sept. 06 - Elkette Country Western Ball Rm.
October 12 - Elkette Poolside
October 18 - Ball Room Lodge Activities
October 25 - Golf Tournament
October 31 - Halloween Party Lounge
November 01 Charity Ball (?)
November 08 Elkette Luncheon
November 13/15 - Elks Mid-Year Convention
November 15 Ball Room Lodge Activities
November 27 Thanksgiving Buffet
December 06 Ball Room Lodge Activities
December 07 Jewelry Show by Laura
December 13 Kiddies Party
December 17 Elkette Eggnog Party-Ball Rm.
December 31 New Years Party Lounge-Ball.
January 01 Hangover Party Lounge
January 17 - Elkette Luau
February 14 Elkette Sweetheart Ball
March 13 - St.Patricks Party
March 27 - Inaugural Ball
Above dates are a projection and are subject to change.

Americanism - Virginia DeFede
Auditing - Manny Nicolaides
Blood Drive - Joan Kingsley
Budget - Al Reker, P.E.R.
Calendar - Donald Schwartz, E. R.
Charity Ball - Mary Rust
- Bulletin - Edna J. Camacho
- Electronic Media - Beth Livingston
- Graphics In House Advert. - Art Rauch
- Photography - Robert C. Mitchell, Jr.
Community Activities - Mary Rust
Drug Awareness
Flag Day - Jeffrey Muehlfeld
Government Relations
Harry-Anna Trust Fund - J. Shaun Young
High School Awards - Walter A. Regan
Hoop Shoot
House - Virginia DiCristafaro
Indoctrination - Yolanda Bielecki, P.E.R.
Interlodge Visitation - Larry E. Myers, P.E.R.
Investigation - Marcie Arrendale
Ladies Organizations - Shirley Schwartz
Lapsation - Carroll V. Truss
Lodge Activities - Ella Mae Shroyer
Membership - Glen Rust, PDDGER
Memorial Day - Arthur Rauch
Mothers Day Ritual - J. Shaun Young
National Foundation Cert. - Richard White
National Foundation Schol. - V. DiCristafaro
National Service/Vet.Services - John Chorlog
Officer Attendance - Larry E. Myers, P.E.R.
Officer Training - Mary Rust
Publicity/Public Relations - Edna J. Camacho
Relief - Mary Rust
Ritual - Richard White
Sickness and Distress - Mary Rust
Soccer Shoot
Social & Community Welfare - Mary Rust
Tennis - Carroll V. Truss
Youth Activities - Pat Howard
Youth Camp - Pat Howard


We have registration forms for the upcoming summer. The camp is for boys and girls ages 9 to 13. The sessions are from Sunday to the next Saturday. We will try to get everyone for the same session, as we furnish transportation to and from the camp. If you have a relative who would like to attend the camp or someone you would like to sponsor, please call me, Pat Howard, at (305) 253-8718 to obtain an application. We must have all applications in as soon as possible to have all our campers attend the same session. The sessions are coed. There are scholarships available in some cases. We would like to have the applications in by the end of April to ensure that everyone goes to the same session.
Pat Howard

The new House Committee had an organizational meeting and the first item of business was a price reduction. They rolled back the price on three of the buffets. The very popular Prime Rib Buffet was returned to the calendar and the price was reduced. If you are one of the many people who go through the line ONCE, the cost is $9.95, but if you chose to go through a second time (and you are welcome to do this) the cost is $12.95. So, please make your reservations and come back for the popular Prime Rib Buffet.
Catch our 2 for 1 special on drinks the first three days in April.
We welcome any suggestions that the members may have, because it is you, the members, who drive us.
Ginger DiCristafaro, Chair, House Committee

The Elkettes so graciously heard our plea from the FITNESS ROOM in our Lodge. They have donated a brand new Tread Mill. It will be used and deeply appreciated. This is genuine brotherly love, isnt it? Thank you Mickey Rauch and all of your dedicated members.
Mary Anne Weinstein

What better time than today to remember America and our veterans in your prayers. Get in touch with me and spend some time in visiting them in our Veterans hospitals. They deserve all the time we can give.
We are always open to receiving your book donations and its a fine way of clearing your bookshelves. The deposit is in our Lodge lobby. All books are carefully sorted and will be taken to the veterans and are always enjoyed.
John Chorlog
Veteran Services