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March 2003


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Vol. XIV, No. XII
Sheila Dowd, E.R.

Miami Elks Lodge 948

As I prepare this message, it is done with mixed emotions; sad that it is my last message through The 948 Reporter, as your Exalted Ruler. This has truly been an event-filled year, both for our Order of Elks; our Lodge No. 948 and as an American in a great nation.
Since you received your last copy of our bulletin, another tragic chapter has unfolded and been written for our space program; this time seven beautiful, young people, as astronauts, captured the hearts, love, and attention of the whole world. In turn they made each of us more humble, grateful and proud to be an American and gave added meaning to us and to our Elks principle of brotherly love.
As I come to the end of my reign, I can only hope that we as Elks, and as Americans, have grown even stronger through these experiences and let this be a learning process; I know I have.
I welcome all new members who have joined our lodge and our Order of Elks during the past year. Take up the torch, at whatever level interests you and carry it proudly. Our Order of Elks needs you and your endeavors are only to be appreciated.
I welcome our new Exalted Ruler elect, Donald Schwartz, who is well founded in our Order of Elks and will do a fine job. I offer my assistance in anyway possible that may lessen his burden.
From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful to so very many: my officers, past officers who have graciously and unselfishly shared their knowledge, to fellow members and friends who have made this year outstanding and left behind memories to cherish always. A partial list can be found in our retiring Committee Chairmen in this bulletin. I extend my 0 deep appreciation, love, respect, and prayers go to each and every one.
Fraternally and respectfully submitted,
Sheila Dowd
Exalted Ruler

On the evening of February 18th, a planning meeting was held in our Lodge. Not only were we pleased with this groups performance during the past year, but we look forward to the coming year with events that will be of interest to all of you and our end goal to add to our Elks Charity Fund.
On March 15th, Bob McGowans Dixie Land Jazz Band (a band to dance to) will be here. They are good and will be enjoyed by all. If you plan to eat in the dining room, call (305) 270-8184 for reservations.
Saint Patricks Day is just ahead and we have covered all bases to provide you with corned beef and cabbage even though you may have to work that Monday, March 17th.
On April 5th there will be a BBQ at poolside. Mark your calendar, bring the family and enjoy the fun.
On May 10th, the Fabulons, whom everyone enjoys, are scheduled to be in the Lodge Ball Room.
Mike Myers has another Cruise to nowhere scheduled for May 18th, when the seas are calmer. This has become a very popular event.
Ben Jackson is planning another Charity bowling event (not our regular Elks Travel Bowling League) for a date yet to be determined in August at Don Carter Lanes in Kendall. Each year it gets better.
As we come to the end of Sheilas reign as Exalted Ruler, we want to extend our deep appreciation to her and all of her officers. We welcome Don Schwartz as our new Exalted Ruler for 2003-2004. We are here to help in any way possible.
I want to thank our committee for taking the time to be a part of making good things happen.
Ella Mae Shroyer

By: Dave Albl

Miami Elks and gals marshaled the No. 2 Hole at the Royal Caribbean Classic. From February 5th thru February 9th, volunteers fought the heat and no-see-ums to cover the No. 2 Hole from tee to green. Sponsoring the hole gave the Miami Elks Lodge exposure to many spectators who were watching the tournament. Many thanks to the following for volunteering:
Paul and son Don Shepard
Charlie and Lee Williams
Felix Sensale
Bob Gonzalez
Ralph Chislett
Walter Gishler
Tifton Toole
Mark Wilson
John Gulya
Dave and Blanche Albl
Thank you again!


It was a sky-blue, cloudless afternoon on February 9th and where did we find ourselves? Sitting in the skybox of Hole 18 of the above. An array of delicious gourmet food and drink was ongoing and had been provided by the sponsors. The MetLife blimp hovered overhead adding their camera expertise.
You look onto the 18th hole and see the likes of Tom Kite, Gary Player, Jim Colbert, Ben Crenshaw and many more familiar to you over the past years. The winning top five: Dave Barr; Bobby Wadkins; Gil Morgan; Rodger Davis; and Hubert Green walked away and went home with in excess of $445,000. All of the eighty registered golfers came away with a check. Its a great feeling and sense of satisfaction to be a part of such a well-organized affair. Thanks to the beautiful sponsors who made it all possible.
Edna J. Camacho

Miami Elks Lodge 948 is proud of two of our Hoop Shoot winners. Mary Roberts and Donohue Peebles from the 8-9 year old division. They have won at the regional contest and will represent us at the State Hoop Shoot contest in Umatilla, Florida. The shoot date was February 22, 2003. We will try to give you an up-date by the time our bulletin is distributed.
Bob Willig,
Hoop Shoot Chairman

Americanism; O. Bradley Fickle, III
Auditing; Manny Nicolaides
Blood Bank; Joan Kingsley and Mary Anne Weinstein
Budget; George Moro, DDGER
Bulletin; Edna J. Camacho
By-Laws; Ron Riley
Calendar; Sheila Dowd, E.R.
Charity Ball; Don Schwartz
Drug Awareness; Ben Jackson
Flag Day; Roger Wheeler
Grounds; Paul Shepard
Harry-Anna Trust Fund; Richard White
Hoop Shoot; Bob Willig
House; Joe Young
Indoctrination; Andy Sipos, P.E.R.
Inter Lodge Visitation; Pat Howard
Investigation; Ann Goodrich
Ladies Organizations; Ella Mae Shroyer
Lapsation; Carroll V. Truss
Lodge Activities; Ella Mae Shroyer
Membership; Andy Sipos, Jr., PER
Memorial Day; Richard White
Mothers Day Ritual; Richard White
National Foundation Certification; Mary Rust
National Foundation Scholarships; Frank Jackson
National Services and Veterans Services; John Chorlog
Publicity and Public Relations; Robert C. Mitchell, Jr.
Ritual; James W. Murray, P.E.R.
Sickness and Distress; Don Schwartz
Soccer Shoot; Paul Shepard
Social and Community Welfare; Don Schwartz
Tennis; Carroll V. Truss
Youth Activities; Otto Fuentes
Youth Camp Umatilla; Otto Fuentes
The above are to be complimented and have served their stations well. They have played a tremendous role in making this year successful and I am deeply grateful to each one. May God richly bless each of you.
Sheila Dowd,
Exalted Ruler

The P.E.R.s invite all Elks and Elkettes to attend this event on March 12th at 6:30 pm in the Ballroom. Come and meet and greet the police officers and their families. It is your way of showing your appreciation and support.
Light refreshments and cake will be served. The awards ceremony will take place at 7:15 pm. The regularly scheduled lodge meeting will begin at 8:00 pm. We hope to see you there!
Al Reker
P.E.R. President

(For those who care enough to give the very best)
On the evening of February 04th our regular Blood Drive was held in our south Ball Room. A full staff was on hand and our donors were received and treated warmly. They also received a full spaghetti dinner for their efforts.
Twenty-two donors came to our Blood Drive. Seven who were tested were not able to donate that day. For all who came, we are equally grateful. The donors were:
Virginia Goodson
Jon Colledge
Bob Sorensen
Janet Schanzle
Robin Schanzle
David Grime
Marilyn Carlson
Jim Kay
Ronald Smith
David McCoy
Mary Rust
Edna J. Camacho
Peggy Slayden
John Castro
Michael Marchi
Another prime example that Elks Care and Elks Share. Thank you dear people!
Joan Kingsley and Mary Anne Weinstein

Thanks go out to our Bar Manager, Maria, and all the bartenders, servers, and Kitchen Staff for keeping things going for several days while our computers were down. They were all forced to revert back to hand writing everything, taking their orders back to the kitchen and ringing up checks with no cash register. They did a fantastic job. We thank you!
Joe Young
House Committee Chairman

If youre new in our Lodge and want to get involved, consider donating some time to our Veterans cause. We would be proud to have you. Our Lodge does a lot in this area. What does it take to make a hospitalized Veteran smile? A whole lot of people who care! I would be pleased to answer any questions you might have.
If any member has books sitting on your shelves that you have read and would like to donate to our hospitalized veterans, please bring them to the deposit in the Lobby. They will be enjoyed and appreciated and are taken monthly to the veterans hospitals. Thank you.
John Chorlog, Veterans Services

By: Beth Livingston,
Your Lodge Webmaster

I will have been an Elk for 2 years this April 18th, only a short amount of time by any standards, but these last 2 years have meant a great deal to me. We all know those famous words that every Elk should live by; Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love & Fidelity. Spanning my short-lived Elkdom, I have seen countless acts of each of these, and each time I am witness to such acts, I am proud to be an Elk. But I have also seen far too many Brothers & Sisters acting in an opposite manner, and each time I am saddened. I have to think to myself that perhaps some do not truly understand what it means to be an Elk and that they should conduct themselves in a manner to make all Elks proud hearted. Many of you may be thinking that, as such a "new" Elk, it is not my place to speak of such things, but if I may be so bold, I would like to share my feelings on what it means to be a "good Elk".
Is Charity doing someone a favor so that they will do you a favor in return? No, Charity is giving of yourself without expecting anything in exchange. Is Charity looking down at others who are not of the same status as yourself, not as wealthy, not as attractive or who do not possess some other great talent that you have? No, Charity is offering to teach another your talent, and being proud when they master it.
Charity is defined by Funk & Wagnall as "Readiness to overlook faults; tolerance; leniency".
Is Justice condemning someone for something they should or should not have said or done? No, Justice is speaking with that person in private and helping them to see what may have been a more appropriate course of action. Is Justice hearing a rumor and forming an opinion of another based on such? No, Justice is obtaining all the information from the source before passing judgment on another.
Justice is defined by Funk & Wagnall as as The quality of being just or reasonable; rightness; equitableness.
Is Brotherly Love mocking someone who makes a mistake or laughing at someone who has an embarrassing moment? No, Brotherly Love is helping to fix the mistake and explaining that those wonderfully cheek-reddening moments happen to each and every one of us at some point or another.
Brotherly Love is defined by Funk & Wagnall as "Pertaining to or like a Brother; fraternal; affectionate".
Is Fidelity acting in such a fashion that would embarrass or disgrace fellow Elks? No, Fidelity is doing everything possible to protect and honor the good name and reputation of this fine organization to which we are bound by that inexplicable feeling of Brotherly Love.
Fidelity is defined by Funk & Wagnall as "Hearty allegiance to those to whom one is bound in affection or honor; loyalty; faithfulness".
When we live life according to these principles, only then can we say that we are truly good Elks.

By: Your bulletin editor

It isnt all yard crews who are paid a deep and profound complimentary tribute; who gets a brought in gourmet party with adjacent dessert table, and who are deeply appreciated. Well! Ours is and they did and they are! This was proven with a party given in their honor with dancing to the soothing music of Tony Martin on the evening of February 22nd.
What makes our Yard Crew special? First, our yard is about 15 times bigger than most. You can walk around every inch of the grounds at all times and find it perfectly manicured. Its done on their own time that they give up unselfishly.
Not only the above, also each of them go way beyond their call if anything is needed throughout the entire lodge complex. Do we appreciate them? Youre mighty right we do!
They are comprised of:
Don Noyes
Fred Schaefer
Bob Thomas
Joe Simons
Felix Sensale
Carroll Truss
David Grime
Ralph Chislett
Bill Beauregard
Joanne Weier
Al Reker
Charlie Williams
John Castro
Steve Sabo
Manny Nicolaides
Paul Shepard
David Bazo
Thank you Ella Mae Shroyer and all your helpers for making it all happen. Well done!

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