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December 2002


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Vol. XIV, No. IX
Sheila Dowd, E.R.

Miami Elks Lodge 948

My dear Officers, members and friends, at this point we are two-thirds through our year and at the end of another calendar year; what a fine time it is for recollection. To look back and see the successes of the doers in our midst who have done so well. All the activities that have taken place in and around our Lodge: the sports events including a successful golf tournament; the Elks Bowling Travel League; the Football enthusiasts; and the Soccer and a successful Hoop Shoot Competition has now taken place for the children; we have just completed a fine Charity Ball. The bottom line is what the above has done to enhance our Charity Fund thus placing our Lodge in a healthier position to help our fellowman. Its what Elkdom is all about, isnt it? We are indebted to the yard crew for the terrific job that they do to keep our grounds in immaculate condition and even beyond that all the extras that they do including the fish fries and are always there to lend a hand. To list our officers and each member who has made this all possible would not fit on this page. Then comes a brand New Year just ahead. Based on past performance and accomplishments and positive attitudes by our Lodge, I see nothing but continued successes in the months to come. Charity, being one of our basic principles, has played its part well throughout our entire year. Charity is defined as caring for your fellow man with no expectation of material return. How well do we as Elks know this meaning. Well done! I take this opportunity to say thank you to every one of you and I wish you and your families the very best of happiness and good health through this Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year.
Fraternally, Sheila Dowd, Your Exalted Ruler

Elks Memorial Service
This year our Annual Elks Memorial Service is on December 1st. This is a commemoration to our departed Members, both Elks and Elkettes and will be held in our upstairs Elks Meeting Room at 1:30 pm. We ask that you please come in honor of those Members who are no longer with us.

If you dont get walked on as you enter our Lodge walkway, it means that you do not have a brick there yet. This is a fine way to remember a loved one; pay tribute to a cause or a friend; or if you just like to see your own name in golden brick, it can be done at a nominal fee of $50.00 per brick and it entitles you to three lines. It would be a fine way to start off the New Year and proudly help to support your Lodge by funding in-house projects and charitable endeavors. Applications are available in the lobby. Please consider it!
James W. Murray, P.E.R. and Lodge Treasurer

By: Don Schwartz, Leading Knight
I want to take this opportunity to report to you the results of our 48th annual Charity Ball. We had 211 people attend the dinner dance and we sold a total of 5,616 raffle tickets. Our Journal had 148 ads along with 78 patron ads. Our net profit for charity after all expenses was $7,622.91.
I want to thank all of our members for their support and assistance. For the committee which started this project in June, I say, Well done and thank you.

By: Edna J. Camacho
The one word to describe fully the above visitation on the evening of Wednesday, November 20th, 2002, is proud. Proud of our Lodge, our Officers, our Chef David and the House Committee for their flawless performance: to serve a delicious dinner to a packed Ball Room; then move the entire group to the Lodge Meeting Room where another flawless performance un-folded.
An introduction of visiting Lodges: North Miami No. 1835; the South Miami/Coral Gables Lodge; two Lodges from the Keys; dignitaries from throughout Florida.
Then comes initiation where fifteen new Elks joined our Lodge and our Order of Elks. They, too, came in as proud to be a part of this very special presentation.
At the Good of the Order, we were honored to have State South District Vice President, Joseph A. Ortiz address our group; and our main speaker, District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler, Philip Ferrari who does it well and indeed makes one proud to be associated with such a fine Order.
Well done!

The ABCS oF Elkdom
By: Edna J. Camacho
In the Florida Elks News, Fall 2002, Mr. Robert Grafton, PGER, so amply outlined the ABCs of Florida Elkdom; he even included a D:
a. Stop the bickering among members. It only hurts and hinders success.
b. Bring in younger members and listen to their ideas.
c. Be friendlier to visitors and make them feel welcome.
d. Appreciate new members and include them into your circle.
The above are not new to any of us. We hear them often if not daily. What we need to do is to put them into practice and reap the rewards. It would certainly make us feel better about ourselves and definitely make us better Elks. Thank you, Mr. Grafton.

Pot of Gold!
We still have a Pot of Gold just waiting to be won.
At the end of each regular meeting on Wednesday nights, we draw a number. If you are in attendance, and your name is drawn, you win. Its not bad. The last one to win went home with $250.00!
Tommy Palma, PER

What is deadline?
Its the day that all information going into the next edition of the bulletin should be in Larrys Office. This is not the day that its delivered to the Printers Office ready for print. Much work and preparation go into that part: much of the time, articles are re-type set to better estimate the amount of space required; the current calendar requires a lot of work and gives you a lot of information. David, the Chef does a fine job in supplying all meal information, plus his Thursday night buffets and special events meals. The music agenda for Friday nights for the up-coming issue is supplied by the House Committee. Calendar of Events outline all activities currently and into the following month. We are fortunate that well thought articles come to us monthly (we do not have to go out looking); then comes lay-out and we thank Bob Mitchell for his expertise in this endeavor.
Deadline is important and we respectfully ask that you allow us this time for preparation and thus do a better job.
Thank you.
Edna J. Camacho

A special thanks to Ricki Noyes and Marie Kinsey for taking over the Kiddies Costume Party on Sunday, November 3rd in my absence. They did a terrific job selecting games with their assistants, Shaun Young and Dirk Noyes and demonstrating too. Everyone was a winner and got to pick a prize. Costume prizes were won by Haley Young as Buzz Lightyear; Alyssa Scarberry as Boo, Taylor Scarberry as Medieval Maiden and Russell Noyes as Hero Fireman.
The adult Hobo Party was another fun night. I have misplaced my list of winners, therefore, if I miss someone, please forgive me. Jean Sachs and her friend Jim as the Marx Brothers; Lou Forti with his wife Helen and Doris Manning as Ladies of the Night; Cathy Young with her smiley face and her sister with her punk hairdo; Beth Livingston as Spider Lady and her husband, Bob Rothstein, as a Nun, and who could forget "the nose"? We thank each of you for making this a successful event.
Our next event will be the Pig Roast and Luau at Poolside on Saturday, December 7th. Gonzo will provide music from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Food will be served from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. There will also be a show with local talent that you wont want to miss. See insert for details.
On January 25th comes The Sock Hop, with poodle skirts. Lettered sweaters, and saddle oxfords. Music by Peach Black. This should be exciting and different.
We thank all officers and members who have worked diligently throughout the year to make our activities successful and enhance our Elks Charity Fund. We wish all of you a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season and a Very Happy New Year!
Ella Mae Shroyer and the entire Activities Committee

Its Blood Drive time again, and we hope everyone will come; a special invitation to our new members. Its on Tuesday, December 10th, in our south Ball Room, from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
We appreciate all our regular donors and look forward to many more members becoming regulars .
As usual, there will be free spaghetti dinners with all the trimmings for every donor.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you.
Joan Kingsley (305) 226-8107
Mary Anne Weinstein (305) 412-0183

By: Mary Rust, Loyal Knight
The hearts for the lobby Christmas tree are now available for $5.00. Your name will be displayed to show your support for the ELKS NATIONAL FOUNDATION. I have written several articles to list the many worthwhile projects that the Foundation supports. Please see me, Mary Rust, Helen Everett, or Mickey Rauch, Elkettes President, to purchase your Hearts for the Holiday season and show that ELKS CARE, ELKS SHARE.


Reviewed by: Dianne Greaney
Saturday, January 11, 2003
10:30 A.M. - Jewelry Sale
11:00 A.M.- Cash Bar
12 Noon - Luncheon
1:00 P.M. - Book Review
Menu includes: Combination cottage cheese, Tuna and Chicken Salad Platter With Fruit and Vegetable Garnish, Rolls, Butter, Carrot Cake, Coffee and Tea.
$15.00 per Person
Mickey Rauch: (305) 274-9709

(American Contract Bridge)
The Bridge Club of Miami Elks Lodge 948 is really getting on its way!
I have had nearly 30 callsfrom people who are interested in playing bridge(I knew you were out there)!
Our next step is to find a day that the most of you can play. I realize most are in bridge clubsbut ours will be the Best. We will have a meeting Wednesday, December 4th, at 12:00 noonand play afterwards. Anyone who wants to have lunch will come at 11:30 amor same day for evening players6:30 pm to start playing at 7:00pm. Some will eat at home or wherever. As the saying goes, You cant please all the people all the timeSome, some of the time(striving for most some of the time.)
You will be given tallies, pencils and you will keep score. $2.00 will be collected when you receive your tally and table number. Playing time will be 30-35 minutes per 6 hands; then the winners from your table will move to the next lower number table, towards table one(except for Table Onewinners at table one will stay thereso try to play as quickly as you can. Otherwise it will be midnight before we get out!
Playing will begin for daytime players (as some do not drive at night) playing time for day players will begin at 12:00-3:00. Evening players time will be 7:00 10:00. Times and days may change according to Club events, holidays, etc.
Its going to be fun. No arms allowed, except the ones attached to your shoulders.
I am working on a duplicate group, but that is next year. Winners will be announced in The 948 Reporter. Our first official Bridge game will be January 8th, Wednesday, as the lst is New Years Day. Please put these dates on your calendar. Call me and leave me a message and I shall return your call at 5:00 pm or later. Also you may call Dally Waldman at (305) 740-0418 (a soon to be new member). Mr. Ed Brownell called and he will not have time to help us. Sorry, well miss you, but perhaps you can play with us some time.
See you at our December meeting and we will play.
Ardyce Grevior - (305) 662-4920

A new image has happened with our 948 Reporter and could have easily gone un-noticed. Weve reduced the size of the print and you are therefore getting more news.
In addition, to all Officers, Elkettes and members, we say thank you for a fine year and we wish you and your family a healthy and happy Holiday Season!
Edna J. Camacho